Hotto Motto Grill "Grilled Vegetables Series

Hotto Motto Grill's "Grilled Vegetables Series" using carefully selected vegetables will be renewed on October 3, with the addition of "Grilled Vegetables & Pork Steak Plate". A new soup, "Grilled Pumpkin Cream Soup," will go on sale on October 1.

Grilled Vegetable Series

Hotto Motto Grill's Grilled Vegetables are simply prepared with a sprinkle of herb salt, a blend of rock salt and six herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. The vegetables are grilled in the restaurant's high-temperature oven to lock in their natural flavor.

The three main vegetables in the Grilled Vegetable Series are all from Japan. Cabbage," whose sweetness is enhanced by grill cooking, "bell peppers," whose surface is grilled but still moist and fresh, and "potatoes," which have a soft sweetness and a chewy texture, are used in this series.

Grilled Vegetables & Pork Steak Plate

Grilled Vegetable & Pork Steak Plate" is a new addition to the "Grilled Vegetable Plate," which combines grilled vegetables and meat dishes. The pork steak, which is tender pork thigh meat with a Japanese-style sauce with onion flavor, goes perfectly with grilled vegetables. The price is 750 yen (tax included, same as below).

Hotto Motto Grill "Grilled Vegetables & Pork Steak Plate

The lineup is as follows

Grilled Vegetables & Grilled Chicken Plate: 720 yen

Hotto Motto Grill "Grilled Vegetables & Grilled Chicken Plate

Grilled vegetables & Japanese hamburger steak plate: 810 yen

Hotto Motto Grill "Grilled Vegetables & Japanese Style Hamburger Plate

Grilled Vegetables & Beef Steak Plate 890 yen

Hotto Motto Grill "Grilled Vegetables & Beef Steak Plate

Grilled Vegetable Platter 300 yen

Hotto Motto Grill "Grilled Vegetable Platter

Baked Pumpkin Cream Soup

Baked Pumpkin Cream Soup" is the newest addition to the popular soup lineup of a wide range of soups, available for a limited time only. The thick, rich, sweet pumpkin soup is topped with oven-roasted pumpkin slices. The individual price is 160 yen, and the set price is 130 yen.

Hotto More Grilled "Grilled Pumpkin Cream Soup

Not available at Hotto Motto restaurants.
Some items and prices are different at the "Hot More" Grill Gakugeidaigaku Station East Exit Store.