At each Freshness Burger store, "Wagyu Truffle Salt Burger" using "100% Japanese Black Beef", which is the first freshness, will be released on April 18th. This time, it is a product that collaborated with EXILE's ATSUSHI.

Wagyu and truffles are too luxurious ...!
Wagyu and truffles are too luxurious ...!

"Wagyu Truffle Salt Burger" is a hamburger made by combining 100% Japanese black beef with ATSUSHI, which is a specialty of "Truffle Salt", and semi-dried tomatoes from Australia, sandwiched between buns.

Japanese black beef is said to have a juicy texture by roughening the sneak meat and thigh meat where the taste is most felt. In addition, truffle salt is said to be a blend of truffles with natural salt made using only Mediterranean seawater.

It is said that it has a luxurious taste that you can enjoy the taste of Japanese black beef and the sweetness of semi-dried tomatoes. The price is 690 yen with dried tomatoes and 630 yen without dried tomatoes.

* All listed prices do not include tax