Freshness Burger "Negimiso Burger", "Spam Burger", "Negimiso Ginger Burger", "Spam Avocado Burger"

As Freshness Burger celebrates its 30th anniversary in December 2022, the "Negimiso Burger" and "Spam Burger," which have been requested to be revived, will be released sequentially as a token of appreciation (except at ballpark and zoo locations). 30-year anniversary editions of the "Negimiso Ginger Burger" with a twist and the " Spam Avocado Burger" will also be available.

Negimiso Burger

The "Negimiso Burger" was one of the six regular hamburger products when the restaurant was founded in 1992. Despite its popularity, it disappeared in 2007, but core Freshness fans know it as a legendary menu item.

Freshness Burger "Negimiso Burger

The burger is full of flavor with crispy green onions, a juicy patty, miso sauce accented with the tangy spiciness of soy bean sauce, and richness from mayonnaise. It is sandwiched on a slightly sweet bun with pumpkin kneaded into the bun. The price is 490 yen (tax included).

Negimiso Ginger Burger

An adult Japanese burger with an unexpected combination of tastes. It has added sweet and sour ginger for a refreshingly spicy and sweet taste. Price: 540 yen.

Freshness Burger "Negimiso Ginger Burger

The Negimiso Burger and Negimiso Ginger Burger will be available from October 26 to November 8.

Freshness Burger "Negimiso Burger" and "Negimiso Ginger Burger

Spam Burger

Sold from 2007 to 2021. Introduced in 2003 as its predecessor "Spam Spam Sandwich," it has been a regular menu item since 2007 as "Spam Burger. It is also the staff's No. 1 product and has been loved by many people for many years. This Hawaiian-style hamburger is sandwiched between thick slices of Spam generously tossed in a sweet and spicy thick teriyaki sauce, a fried egg, and domestic vegetables such as tomatoes and cabbage. The price is 520 yen.

Freshness Burger "Spam Burger".

Spam Avocado Burger

A hearty and satisfying burger with the addition of creamy, rich raw avocado. Priced at 590 yen.

Freshness Burger "Spam Avocado Burger

The "Spam Burger" and "Spam Avocado Burger" will be on sale from November 16 to November 29.

Freshness Burger "Spam Burger" and "Spam Avocado Burger

SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods Corporation.
The product may be out of stock in some regions or stores even during the sales period.
The sales period may be extended by approximately one week depending on sales conditions.