Scallop Fried Burger" at Freshness Burger


Burger will start selling a "Scallop Fried Burger" using plump, thick scallops from Mutsu Bay in Aomori Prefecture for a limited time starting January 18.

The "Scallop Fried Burger," the

first limited-time product of 2023

, is a mouth-watering product that sandwiches three whole scallops, which are in season and have a rich sweet taste, between two burgers. There is a choice of two types of tartar: the mellow and savory "Burnt Butter and Soy Sauce Tartar" or the fresh and fragrant "Red Shiso Tartar".

Scallop Fried Burger" at Freshness Burger

The flavor of the burnt


soy sauce sauce with a hint of butter is very appetizing. It is also topped with a rich tartar sauce and crunchy Japanese fresh vegetables.

Scallop Fried Burger" at Freshness Burger

Red Shiso Tartar

The original sauce is a combination of in-house prepared red shiso and tartar sauce with many ingredients. The sauce is pink in color, giving the dish a gorgeous appearance. The moderate acidity and the juicy fried scallops are a perfect match.

Scallop Fried Burger" at Freshness Burger

Scallop Fry Burger" Selling Price, Selling Period and Selling Stores

Selling Price: 640 yen (including tax)
Selling Period: From Wednesday, January 18, 2023 to Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Selling Stores: Available all day at Freshness Burger stores nationwide (excluding some ballpark and zoo stores)