Today, December 12th, is "Darth Day". Last year, Morinaga held a big event on December 12, 2012, because there were three "12 "s in a row... but it seems that they are planning to do something this year too.

Morinaga is up to something.
Morinaga is up to something.

Looking at the tweets of Morinaga Chocolate (@MorinagaChoco ), the official Twitter account of Morinaga Seika, on December 11, the schedule for the 12th is all over the place. It seems that Darth fans and others will be participating and celebrating in their own ways.

"Well, tomorrow, Darth Day...
10:00 Ms. ℃-ute Okai "Bakoon with DARS! Extra video uploaded
10:00 "Staple Food Country" written by Shigurezawa is uploaded.
11:00 Newsflash.
About 12:12 #Darthnohi
The event will be held in the style of a doujinshi book sale next to our reception desk from 17:00 to 19:00.
(Quoted from Twitter)