Morinaga "White Darth Premium [Pistachio]".

Morinaga Seika's "Darth's Day" Commemorative Confectionery

Morinaga Seika's "Darth" brand of chocolate grains will release new products to commemorate "Darth's Day" on December 12: "White Darth Premium [Pistachio]", "Darth Premium [Pistachio & Berry]", "Darth Premium [Pistachio & Berry]", "Darth Premium Zaku Zaku Zaku Cookie" and "Darth Potelong". Darth Premium [Pistachio], Darth Premium [Pistachio & Berry], Darth Zaku Zaku Cookie, and Darth Potelo Long will go on sale on November 22. All will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.

White Darth Premium [Pistachio]

Premium white Darth with pistachio paste in the center chocolate. The refined taste of pistachio and rich milk can be enjoyed. Contents: 12 pieces, 216 yen (including tax).

Morinaga "White Darth Premium [Pistachio]".

A premium dozen containing


paste, pistachio-flavored biscuits and cranberries. Contents: 12 pieces, 216 yen (including tax).

Morinaga Seika "Darth Premium [Pistachio & Berry]".

The "White Darth Premium Pistachio" and "Darth Premium Pistachio & Berry" are made from pistachios, a popular nut with a bright green color. Pistachios were chosen because they are said to be the queen of nuts, and because the number 12 on the card "Queen" has a strong affinity with the 12-piece "dozen.

The packaging of the two products has a high-quality design that complements the ingredients. They are finished with a premium texture that is different from the usual "Darth.

Darth Zaku Zaku Kaku Cookie

A chewy cookie with a crunchy texture containing chopped chocolate. The cookies are designed to resemble the taste of Darth [Milk]. Contents 65g (2.29oz), open price. Not available at convenience stores and station kiosks.

Morinaga Seika "Darth Zaku Zaku Cookie

Darth Potelongue

: A bite-sized potato long covered with mild chocolate reminiscent of the taste of Darth [Milk]. Contents: 35 g. Estimated price: 173 yen (including tax). Available at convenience stores and station kiosks.

Morinaga Seika "Dozen Potelongue".