From Sapporo Breweries, "Hundred People's Kiseki-Enchanted Golden Ale-" will be released on December 16th at the company's online shop. The price is 5,250 yen.

"Hundred People's Kiseki ~ Enchanted Golden Ale ~" is the second collaborative beer jointly developed with beer lovers, following the first released in March of the same year. It was developed by voting seven times on Facebook and a special website, such as taste and catch phrase.

After about 10,000 votes, the fermentation type was decided to be "Enchanted Golden Ale", the alcohol content was decided to be "7%", the scent was decided to be "elegant and gorgeous hop scent", and the bitterness was decided to be "hard". In addition, the catch phrase is "Kiseki born from social, ale of golden country".

In addition, from those who tasted the product earlier at the completion show party, "a taste that was not found in Japanese beer so far" "I would like to recommend it to girls who have a mild bitterness and are not good at beer" "Drink too much" Comments such as "easy and dangerous" have been received.

Limited sale of 5,500 sets of 12 333ml (11.26us fl oz) bottles per set.