Craft beer "Kamakura Samurai's Rest

Kamakura Beer Brewery will release "Kamakura Samurai's Rest", the second in the Samurai series, following "Kamakura Samurai's Banquet", the first canned craft beer featuring the history of Kamakura and samurai warriors. It will then be sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, and liquor stores. The product will be sold in 350ml (11.83us fl oz) cans and priced at 390 yen (excluding tax). The alcohol content is 4.5%.

Rest of the Kamakura Warriors

The motif is a samurai, as befits Kamakura, which is the setting for a major TV drama starting in 2022. Following the first samurai's banquet, the theme of the second is rest. The image of a warrior putting down his armor and getting tipsy is a reminder that today's people, who work so hard, need to relax once in a while and take a breather, and that by holding a beer instead of armor, they can relax and have a pleasant moment, and that this feeling will spread to the people around them, creating a circle of happiness. The design is based on the hope that this feeling will spread to those around you and create a circle of happiness.

The beer style is White Yuzu Ale. The refreshing aroma of yuzu and coriander represents a fresh breeze blowing in the forests of Kamakura. The bitterness is weak, and the drinkability is high enough to be enjoyed in the hot summer months. The alcohol content is also designed to be low at 4.5%. Enjoy the feeling of taking a rest in the shade of a tree during the hot summer season.