"Pon de Umaimon " was released on December 4th at Mister Donut. I'm wondering how the "Okonomiyaki" limited to western Japan and the "Monja" limited to eastern Japan are different ... Behind the scenes! The store-limited "premium donuts" were on sale . It's a big blunder for the eating editorial department that I didn't notice it.

A total of 11 types of "Premium Series" have appeared, including 5 types of "Premium Cream", 3 types of "Premium Pie", and 3 types of "Premium Donut" series. It seems to be on sale from December 2nd.

Premium store-limited products, I'm curious ...! (Source: Mister Donut)
Premium store-limited products, I'm curious ...! (Source: Mister Donut)

The lineup of premium creams is "Premium Angel Cream," "Custard Cream," "Chocolate Cream," "Azuki Cream," and "Marron Cream." The price is 147 yen each. It looks like a premium version of the yeast dough donut "Angel Cream".

On the other hand, the premium pie lineup includes "apple cheese pie," "cheese meat pie," and "chocolate custard pie." Each is also sold in the hall. The price ranges from 735 yen to 840 yen. It seems that you can purchase even a quarter cut (189 yen to 220 yen), so you can choose according to the scene.

All of these are refrigerated. There are only 21 stores nationwide (at the time of article publication), but it seems that they are sold at 10 stores in Osaka prefecture, so it may be easy for people in Kansai to get it.

Premium donuts are fashionable donuts limited to 9 stores in Tokyo. Three types are available: "Premium Donut Maple" with maple filling wrapped in maple dough, "Same Berry" with cheese filling wrapped in dough with berry juice, and "Same Choco" with chocolate filling wrapped in chocolate dough. .. The price is 189 yen each.

All of them may not be available because the number of stores is too "premium", but if you have a chance, why not get one?