Mr. Donut Children's Collaboration

Mr. Donut Collaboration with Kodomo

Challenge Mr. Donut will sell "Shimajiro's Exciting Donut Pop", "Mimirin's Doki Doki Doughnut Pop" and "Shimajiro's Kids Set" in collaboration with "Kodomo Challenge" for two consecutive months from March 22 (Wednesday). Limited quantities and time period.


s Exciting Donut

Pops: Donut pops for children who are familiar with donuts and chocolate. It contains a golden chocolate ball with the image of Shimajiro and an exciting "colorful ball of Shimajiro and his friends". To go: 248 yen, eat-in: 253 yen (tax included, same below).

Mr. Donut "Shimajiro's Exciting Donut Pop".

Donut Pop contents】
・ Angel Cream Ball
・ Pon de Ring Chocolate Ball
・ Pon de Ring Ball Plain
・ Shimajiro and Friends Colorful Ball
・ Golden Chocolate Ball
・ Chocolate Fashion Ball

Mimirin no Doki Doki Donut Pop

Toppings and more The donut pop is perfect for children's donut debut, as they can enjoy the simple taste and texture of the donut dough with a modest amount of toppings, etc. To go: 248 yen; eat-in: 253 yen.

Mr. Donut "Mimirin no Doki Doki Doughnut Pop".

Donut Pop contents】
・ Angel cream balls
・ Pon de Ring balls plain
・ Pon de Strawberry balls
・ Chocolate donut balls plain
・ Colorful balls of Shimajiro and friends
・ Old fashioned balls

The "Shimajiro and Friends Colorful Balls" are included in each donut pop. The Colorful Balls are topped with yellow, white, green, and pink color sprays inspired by the main characters Shimajiro, Mimirin, Torippii, and Nyakki, respectively.

Mr. Donut "Shimajiro and Friends' Colorful Balls".

The first donut pop-up tray is called "Let's connect and play! and the second one is designed under the theme of "Let's find and play! " theme. The second series is designed under the theme of "Let's find it and play!" The illustrations on the trays allow you to enjoy communicating with your children even after they have finished eating their donut pops.

[Sales period]
Part 1: Wednesday, March 22 to Tuesday, April 25
Part 2: Wednesday, April 26 to early May (sales will gradually end)

Shimajirou's Kids Set


The cup has a neckline and an easy-to-hold shape developed from a "food education" perspective that wants children to experience real glass from an early age. The cups have a shape that is easy to hold. The design is based on the theme of "Let's connect and play! The "Shiritori" design lets you connect words, and the "Tsuri-maze-ro" design lets you play with Shimajiro, wondering what is connected at the end of the hanging thread.

Mr. Donut "Shimajiro's Kids Set
Japanese word-chain game

Mr. Donut "Shimajiro's Kids Set
hanging bell

Size: 7.8 cm (maximum diameter) X 6.4 cm (height), weight: approx. 145 g, material: soda glass. Sales will begin on Wednesday, March 22 and end as soon as the product is gone.

All purchasers of the "Shimajiro's Strong Cup" kids set will receive the educational DVD "Challenge with Shimajiro! ~The DVD is designed and produced by Kodomo Challenge and contains video content that familiarizes children with words, numbers, English, dance, and more.

Intellectual education DVD "Challenge with Shimajiro! ~DVD


second "Block Toy Box

" is a block-shaped toy box with the theme of "Let's find it and play with it! The second block-shaped container is designed to play with Shimajiro and his friends under the theme of "Let's find it and play! It is also convenient for carrying individually wrapped snacks and other items.

Mr. Donut "Shimajiro's Kids Set
doughnut block

Mr. Donut "Shimajiro's Kids Set

Body size: length 8.2 cm (height 8.2 cm x width 8.2 cm x height 5.8 cm), weight about 49 g, body material: polypropylene resin + 5% biomass plastic. Sales will begin on April 26 (Wed.) and end as soon as the product is gone.


Set Set with Kids' Drink/Kids' Goods Set
* Not applicable to drinks (soup) and set menus.

Mr. Donut "Kids Set

Kids' set for online order
* MISUDO online order is for To go only.

Mr. Donut "Kids' Set for Online Order".

Kids' drink items are 100% Valencia orange juice, 100% Aomori Fuji apple juice, mountain grape squash, Calpis, Coca-Cola, melon soda, iced oolong tea, and iced milk (only iced milk is available for in-store consumption only).
Products, set contents, and prices differ at some stores.
Limited number of goods available.
The event will end when all the goods or original paper bags are gone.

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