The participating stores of "Kagome Napolitan Stadium", an event where "Napolitan" from all over the country gather, will be announced at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse from November 2nd to 4th.
"Naporitan" gather from all over the country! (Image: Tokyo Napolitan Maruhachi)
"Naporitan" gather from all over the country! (Image: Tokyo Napolitan Maruhachi)

There will be a total of 16 stores. A wide variety of "Naporitan" such as the old-fashioned "Yokohama Napolitan" and "Champon noodles" using champon noodles will be exhibited from Neapolitan specialty stores, Western restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants in Shanghai, etc.

At the venue, a popularity vote will be held by visitors. The "No. 1 Napolitan" will be announced on the final day, along with the results of the web voting (October 1st to November 3rd).
"No.1 Napolitan" is decided by voting!
"No.1 Napolitan" is decided by voting!

The holding time is from 10:00 to 17:30 (until 17:00 on the last day). Entrance is free of charge. The food and drink fee is a ticket system, and the ticket for two dishes common to all 16 stores is 1,000 yen, and the ticket for one plate is 550 yen.

The participating stores and menus (planned) are as follows.

・ Satiety Spaghetti Napolitan Yokocho (Hokkaido) "Hokkaido Cream Napolitan"
・ Tokyo Napolitan Maruhachi (Miyagi Prefecture) "Golden ratio hamburger steak Napolitan"
・ Koro no Ya (Aomori Prefecture) "Kuroishi Yakisoba Naples"
・ Spaghetti Pancho (Tokyo) "Nostalgic Napolitan"
・ Italian Cuisine Y (Tokyo) "Spicy Adult Napolitan"
・ Wine restaurant Zigen (Tokyo) "Angel's Napolitan"
・ Center Grill (Kanagawa Prefecture) "Yokohama Napolitan"
・ Pasta House Tsuzukitei (Kanagawa Prefecture) "Yokohama Napolitan"
・ Kotokotoya (Aichi Prefecture) "Toro Toro Egg Cheese & Demi Sauce Napolitan"
・ ANY TIME (Aichi Prefecture) "Warm egg Napolitan"
・ Restaurante Vine Tree (Ishikawa Prefecture) "Napolitan of Noto Pork Sausage"
・ Hokka Hokka Tei "Nori Bento x Napolitan Trajectory Collaboration"
・ Wordsworth (Hiroshima) "Hiroshima Napolitan"
・ Marubun Komatsu Main Store (Ehime Prefecture) "Saijo Napolitan"
・ Ringer Hut "Chapolitan"
・ Kamonka Shanghai store (Shanghai) "Shanghai Napolitan"