When the toast is inadvertently dropped from the table, the toast often lands on the floor with the buttered side facing down. This is as sad as having curry udon for lunch only on days when you're wearing a freshly grated white shirt.

If the butter side is facing up, it's easy to save the bread. If you dust it, I think it's okay to eat it. However, if the butter side is facing down, I don't feel like eating it, and cleaning the floor is troublesome.

Why does toast fall with the buttered side down? British scientists have clarified this long-standing question. The British media Daily Mail reports .

According to the media, it was the height of the table that caused the toast to fall down with the buttered side down. When dropped from a table about 76 cm high, the toast will be given time to rotate exactly 180 degrees before landing on the floor.

Toast is usually placed on the table with the buttered side up. Therefore, as a result of rotating the toast 180 degrees, the toast will land with the butter surface facing down. This is the mechanism by which this sad event occurs.

This mechanism was discovered by Dr. Chris Smith, a professor at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. Dr. Smith and his team experimented with dropping 100 toasts off the table and found that the toasts had an 81% chance of landing with the butter side down. Dr. Smith describes the findings as follows:

"Our research proved that'Sod's Law'was correct only when the toast fell."

However, the tragedy of ruining toast cannot be stopped just by elucidating the mechanism. Is there a way to land with the butter side up? Dr. Smith talks about the solution.

"If you want to drop it with the butter side up, buy a table that's 8 feet high. This height gives the toast time to spin 360 degrees before landing. And land on the floor with the butter side facing up. "

Dr. Smith also suggests transforming the toast into a shape that is susceptible to air resistance. By transforming it, even if the height of the table is insufficient, the probability of getting 360 degree rotation time before landing will increase.