KUZE FUKUCHOTEN mail-order only "2023 Fukubukuro

Kuze Fuku Shoten New Products Summary! Gifts, Dashi, An Butter, Online, Sales Stores

Here is a summary of Kuze Fuku Shoten's new products and a tasting of one of our most interesting products. Gifts, Dashi, An Butter, Strawberry Milk Stock, etc. Information on online stores and retail stores is also available.


and Sanxer mail

order limited "2023 Fukubukuro" The mail order limited "2023 Fukubukuro" will be on sale on December 3, 2022 at 12:00 noon. The lineup includes three types: "Ume," "Bamboo," and "Pine." Reservations are not accepted.

The 2023

Fukubukuro Ume

is priced at 5,062 yen, but will be specially priced at 4,000 yen (tax included and free shipping). The quantity sold is 1,700 pieces.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN 2023 Fukubukuro - Plum

2023 Fukubukuro Bamboo

: special price of 6,500 yen (2,154 yen off the regular price of 8,654 yen, including tax and free shipping). Quantity sold: 1,300 pieces.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN 2023 Fukubukuro Bamboo

2023 FUKUBUKURO Pine pine tree

special price of 10,000 yen (including tax and free shipping) instead of the regular price of 12,815 yen. Sales quantity is 500 pieces.



Czère "

2023 Fukubukuro" The "KUZE FUKUCHOTEN 2023 Fukubukuro" and "Cinq Czère 2023 Fukubukuro" will be available for pre-order on December 1 (except at some stores). The lineup includes "Red Rabbit," "Dark Blue Rabbit," and "White Rabbit," as well as "White Rabbit" and "Red Rabbit" for Cinq Czère.

Kusefuku Shoten 2023 Fukubukuro Aka-Usagi

A grab bag containing Kusefuku Shoten's signature product, "flavorful all-purpose dashi," three rice and bread accompaniments. The contents of the bag are such that "if you buy this, you can enjoy all of KUZE FUKUCHO's popular products. The price is 2,000 yen (tax included).

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN 2023 Fukubukuro - Red Rabbit



"Otona no Shake Shake Shake Mentai" and "Shichimi Namekotake" are popular products that have been featured many times in the media. This is a grab bag where you can find products that you have been curious about but have never tried before. The price is 3,000 yen (tax included).

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN 2023 Lucky Bag - Navy Blue Rabbit


You will be surprised at the plump texture of wakame seaweed in the "Natural Wakame and Seaweed Soup" and enjoy the refined sweetness of "Thick An Butter" and other one rank higher delicacies. A special discount coupon worth 3,000 yen is included, which can be used to try out your favorite products or products you have not tried yet. The price is 5,000 yen (tax included).

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN 2023 Lucky Bag: White Rabbit

Three products are available at the official online store of KUZE

FUKU SHOTEN Oil-based Pasta Sauce

: "Chirimenjako no Kokumami Peperoncino", "Sakuraebi Huayagu: Genovese with Japanese Oba Leaves", and "Aromatic and Delicious Karasu no Oil Sauce".

They are also available at Kuze Fuku Shoten stores nationwide.

Chirimenjako no Koku-Yami Peperoncino (Chirimen Jako's delicious peperoncino

sauce) We carefully balanced the garlic, oil, and chili pepper to maximize the goodness of each ingredient. The mild and gentle flavor of the rice oil enhances the taste of the ingredients, and the more you chew, the more the flavor of the chirimenjako (dried young sardines) gradually spreads. The spiciness is moderate, so even small children can enjoy it. The price is 594 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Chirimenjako no Kokumami Peperoncino

Genovese with Japanese shiso leaves,

a classic pasta sauce, has been rearranged in Kusefuku's own unique way. It uses fragrant shiso leaf paste produced in Kumamoto Prefecture. To enhance the texture, frozen sakura shrimps are used instead of dried sakura shrimps. The balance between the fragrance and flavor of the sakura shrimp and the fresh taste of the shiso leaves is exquisite. Limited quantity. Price: 788 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Sakuraebi Huayagu - Genovese with Japanese shiso leaves

A pasta sauce born from an encounter between a long-established Nagasaki-based karasumi (dried


roe) maker and a Kuze Fuku buyer. The use of two types of karasumi, granulated and powdered, enhances the mellow flavor and rich deliciousness of karasumi. The secret ingredient of butter gives it an even richer flavor. Limited quantity. 788 yen.

KUZE FUKU SHOTEN "Mellow and deliciously tasty Karasumi oil sauce" (Japanese only)


milk base

to mix with milk "Fruit milk base to mix with milk 290ml (9.81us fl oz)" is on sale. The price is 754 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Fruit milk base to be mixed with milk

Koshi An Butter made from Hokkaido red beans

The long-awaited Koshi An Butter has been added to the popular An Butter lineup. The butter has a fine, smooth texture reminiscent of fine chocolate that will leave you with a dreamy feeling. The use of Japanese raw milk butter enhances the sweetness of the red bean paste and gives it a rich, elegant and delicate taste.

Kusefuku Shoten "Koshian Butter with Hokkaido Azuki Beans

The "Hokkaido Azuki Azuki Koshi-An Butter" is priced at 452 yen (tax included). For those who prefer sweet red bean paste, we recommend the "Hokkaido Azuki Bean An An Butter" now on sale. It is also priced at 452 yen (tax included).

Beni Imo


Flavor "Beni Imo Salt Flavor" is available at the official online store. It will also be available at Kuze Fuku Shoten stores nationwide.

Kusefuku Shoten official online store "Beni Imo Salt Flavor

It uses "Blue Sea" seawater salt from Okinawa, which is characterized by its mild flavor and subtle sweetness. The moderate saltiness enhances the rich sweetness of the red sweet potato, giving it a deep flavor. The smooth texture and sweetness of the texture and the sweetness of the taste will leave you with a lasting impression. When toasted after spreading on bread, the aroma of baked sweet potato will spread. Price: 561 yen (tax included).



Tart Style "Beni Imo Tart Style" will be available at the official online store. It will also be sold sequentially at Kuze Fuku Shoten stores nationwide.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN official online store "Beni imo tart style

The jam is made from beni-imo tart, a popular souvenir from Okinawa! While retaining the unique flavor of the beni-imo, the addition of butter and eggs made from raw Hokkaido milk gives it a rich and refined sweetness. The savory flavor of the tart dough is also faithfully reproduced. Enjoy it by spreading it generously on bread. When dissolved in milk, it transforms into a rich red sweet potato latte. The price is 561 yen.

Petit Shuwa Golden

Peach S

ake: A Little Cheers Petit Shuwa Golden Peach Sake: A Little Cheers, a collaboration with Hananomai Sake Brewery, is on sale (except at some stores). The price is 825 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Petit Shuwa Kogane Peach Sake: A little toast

Summer Fukubukuro - Umi


"Summer Fukubukuro - Umi" will go on sale at the official online store on July 18 at 12:00 pm. The limited quantity, containing 9 items, is priced at 4,320 yen, a bargain at 5,190 yen (tax included). Shipping is free.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN official online store "Summer grab bag - sea

In honor of Marine Day, this grab bag features a collection of Kusefuku's marine products. It includes the No. 1 popular gohan accompaniments "Otona no Shake Shake Men Tai" and "Nori Butter," "Gorogoro Hohoshi Yaki Saba" with many hidden fans, "Creamy Butter Mentai" and "Fresh Pasta Spaghetti," "Shiroebi Senbei," a collaboration between Kusefuku and Toyama's famous Shiroebi senbei The "Shiroebi senbei" is a collaboration between Kusefuku and Toyama's famous Shiroebi senbei.

Bread accompaniments: A


of the "bread accompaniments" found at Kusefuku Shoten. There are five items: An Butter, Green Tea An Butter, Amaou Strawberry An Butter, Walnuts on Bread, and Nori Butter. Click here to read a detailed article on the actual tasting.


Butter An Butter Jam is made with azuki beans produced in Hokkaido, with plenty of butter added. The azuki bean grains are still present in the jam. The price is 430 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "An Butter


Green Tea An Butter: Matcha green tea an-butter made with white bean jam made with white beans from Hokkaido, Yame matcha green tea, Nishio matcha green tea, and plenty of butter. The price is 495 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Feel the harmony, matcha green tea bean butter

Amao Strawberry Anbutter

"Anbutter" made with Hokkaido azuki beans and plenty of butter, to which "Amao" strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture have been added. The price is 517 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Amaou Strawberry An Butter

Walnuts for bread

Ingredients include peanuts as well as walnuts. Even when stored at low temperatures, it does not become too hard, making it easy to use. Price: 538 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Walnuts for bread



Made by adding domestic black laver tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce), domestic butter and domestic soy sauce. Goes well with toast as well as white rice. The price is 463 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Nori Butter

Recommended "rice


" snacks sold by Kusefuku Shoten are introduced here. The six items are "Eating Sukiyaki," "A Moment of Bliss: Adult Saba Saba Mentai," "Mixed Rice Mixture with Elingi Butter and Soy Sauce," "Ume Mushroom," "Japan-wide Gohan no Omoto Tabi: Miso Katsu Style," and "Japan-wide Gohan no Omoto Tabi: Chicken Charcoal Grill Style. Click here to read the detailed article on the Tasting.

Eating Sukiyaki

: Soy sauce seasoned with soy sauce, soy protein, enokitake mushrooms, beef oil, dried bonito shavings, and other ingredients. The price is 580 yen (tax not included). Sukiyaki is served over white rice and topped with an egg yolk, an essential ingredient in sukiyaki.

Kusefuku Shoten "Eat, Sukiyaki

Blissful Moment Adult Saba Saba Mentaiko

(mackerel flake


: Large pieces of fatty Norwegian mackerel are broken into pieces and combined with spicy cod roe. No chemical seasonings or colorings are used. The price is 626 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "A Moment of Bliss: Adult Saba Saba Mentai

Mixed rice base:

Eringi Butter Soy Sauce

This mixed rice base contains a large amount of raw eringi mushrooms. Price: 484 yen (tax included). It is cooked with plenty of butter and original soy sauce. After washing two cups of rice as usual and putting it in the rice cooker, simply add the prescribed amount of water and a whole jar of the mixed rice ingredient and cook.

Kusefuku Shoten "Mixed rice with eringi mushroom butter soy sauce


Namekake Mushrooms Ume Namekake Mushrooms are made using only domestically grown ingredients. In addition to ume plum paste from Wakayama Prefecture, chopped Japanese plums are also mixed in for texture. The double plum flavor is complemented by the umami and shiso flavors of bonito flakes and kelp dashi. Price: 430 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Ume Namekake Mushroom

Nihon Zenkoku Gohon no Otomo Tabi Miso Katsu Kaze (All-Japan Gohon no Otomo Trip

: Miso Katsu


) is inspired by Nagoya's famous "Miso Katsu". It is made with cabbage and "soy meat" instead of meat, and is sweetened with red miso soup stock from a long-established miso brewery. The price is 540 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Nihon Zenkoku Gohan no Otomo Tabi Miso Katsudono-style

Nihon Zenkoku Gohon no Omotomo Tabi Chicken Charcoal Grill Style

A side dish that goes well with rice, prepared in the style of Miyazaki's local dish "Charcoal Grill of Chicken". Instead of meat, soybean meat, which was chosen for its similarity to the texture of chicken, is used. It is seasoned with richly aromatic green yuzu kosho and exquisitely spicy red yuzu kosho. Price: 540 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Nihon Zenkoku Gohan no Omotomo Tabi Chicken Charcoal Grill Style

Kusefuku Shoten Menbei

"Menbei Aromatic Shichimi Mayo Sauce Style" and "Menbei Okazu Miso Domestic Kujo Negi Style" are available. The collaboration product with "Menbei," the signature product of Yamaguchi Oilery Fukutaro, a long-established confectionery shop in Fukuoka Prefecture, is reviewed in this food review! Click here for a detailed article on the actual tasting.


Aroma Shichimi Mayonnaise Sauce Style

Replicates the flavor of the popular "Aroma Shichimi Mayonnaise Sauce". It contains squid, mayonnaise flavor seasoning, shichimi chili pepper, mentaiko (cod roe), salt, yuzu peel, sansho (Japanese pepper) powder, and chili pepper. The product contains 5 bags of 2 pieces each, priced at 626 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Menbei: Aromatic Seven-Spice Mayonnaise Sauce Style" (Japanese only)

Menbei Okazu Miso Kokusai Kujo Negi Style

: This product is inspired by the popular "Okazu Miso Kokusai Kujo Negi". Squid, miso, kujo leeks, sauce, cod roe, chili peppers, etc. are used. Contents 2 x 5 bags, price 626 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Menbei Okazu Miso - Domestic Kujo Negi-style

Shimano Graduates C

ake "Shimano Graduates Cake" (3 pieces), priced at 810 yen (tax included), is now on sale.

Kusefuku Shoten "Born in Setoda, Seto Inland Sea, Island Graduates Cake".

Three freeze-dried products

: "Hokkori-Shiruwaru Hokkaido Salmon Dashi Zosui", "Hokkori-Kind Miyazaki Chicken Dashi Zosui", and "Banpo-Dashi no Omisoshiru Misoshiru: Slightly Ginger-Scented Pork Soup" are available at the official online store.

Hokkaido Salmon D

ashi Zosui, a satisfying porridge made with Hokkaido salmon and "flavorful all-purpose dashi. The rich flavor of the salmon and dashi and the firm texture of the buna shimeji mushrooms give it a satisfying taste. It is priced at 291 yen per serving and 853 yen for a 3-serving package (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Hokkaido-Salmon Dashi Zosui" (Hokkaido Salmon Dashi Zosui)


and gentle Miyazaki Chicken Dashi Zosui (rice porridge with chicken broth)

This is an elegant porridge made with chicken from Miyazaki Prefecture and "Mainichi Dashi" (dashi soup stock). The flavor of the chicken is well balanced with the aroma of yuzu (Japanese citron), making it a refreshing dish. The price is 291 yen for one serving and 853 yen for three servings (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Dusty and gentle Miyazaki chicken dashi zosui" (rice porridge with broth)

Miso soup with all-purpose dashi - slightly ginger-scented pork miso soup

After much trial and error in pursuit of the right taste, texture of meat, and satisfaction, we finally succeeded in creating a pork miso soup that we can say with confidence, "We have created a delicious pork miso soup! After much trial and error, we have finally produced a pork miso soup that we can say with confidence, "We have produced a delicious pork miso soup! The price is 248 yen per serving and 961 yen for a 4-serving package (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "All-purpose dashi no omisoshiru miso soup - pork miso soup with a hint of ginger


Neapolitan with Rich Ketchup Flavor "Natsukashi Neapolitan with Rich Ketchup Flavor" is a sauce for Neapolitan, a pasta dish that originated in Japan.

Kusefuku Shoten "Rich Ketchup Flavor Natsukashikashi Neapolitan

A balance of ketchup, whole tomatoes, and tomato paste has been achieved to reproduce the richness of ketchup concentrated by pan-frying. The product weighs 220g (7.76oz) and is priced at 432 yen (tax included).


Gentle Creamy Mentaiko "Butter Gentle Creamy Mentaiko" has a slightly spicy flavor that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is creamy but has a light aftertaste, and is designed so that the mentaiko's unique characteristics can be felt. It is said to go well with toppings such as shiso leaves and chopped nori seaweed. It is said that the rich flavor can be enjoyed by adding "otei-butter" if desired. The product weighs 220g (7.76oz) and is priced at 486 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Creamy Butter Gentle Mentaiko

Otona no Tsunatsuna


"Otona no Tsunatsuna Menntai" will be released in limited quantities and in limited stores. The first will be released on April 1, the second on April 29, and the third on June 1. The number of units sold will be 30,000 for each session. The price is 626 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Otona no Tsuna Tsuna Mentai

Kusefuku Shoten's "gohan-no-otsukomi" series is immensely popular. Among them, "Otona no Shake Shake Shake Mentai" (Adult Shake Shake Mentai) and other rice accompaniments made from fish are very popular. Now, "Otona no Tsunatsuna Mentai" has been added to this popular series.

Apple Chocolat


"Apple Chocolat Dye" has been released sequentially. The price is 594 yen (tax included).

Kusefuku Shoten "Apple Chocolat Dye

Two types of cuts, comb-shaped and fan-shaped, are used so that the flavor of the apple can be felt as it is. The texture of the chocolate is so dense that it is hard to imagine from the appearance of the apple itself. The sweetness of the white chocolate is followed by the refreshing sweet and sour taste of the apple, making it a confection you will want to eat slowly, one by one, with coffee or tea.



"Spring Fukubukuro" will be available. A limited number will be available at the official online store from March 21, the first day of spring. Reservations will not be accepted and will not be available in stores. The selling price is 4,200 yen (tax included, free delivery). The price is considered to be 1,190 yen less than the regular price.

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN "Spring Lucky Bags


's Strawberry Milk Candy: "Amaou's Strawberry Milk Candy" is available from the official online store. The content is 50g (1.76oz) and the price is 540 yen (including tax).

Kusefuku Shoten "Amao Strawberry Milk Candy

This is a collaboration with Eitanro candy, a signature product of Eitanro Sohonshiki since the Edo period. This "Amao Strawberry Milk Candy" is inspired by Kuzefuku Shoten's popular "Strawberry Milk Mixture with Milk" product.


Tokori-Kawachi Bank

an "Poroshocolat Tokori-Kawachi Bankan" will be on sale from January 31 (except for some stores). The price is 540 yen (tax included).

KUZE FUKU SHOTEN "Poroshocolat, a little bit of kawachi-bankan (citrus fruit)


manju "Dojosukui manju soy sauce milk flavor" and "Dojosukui manju strawberry milk flavor" are on sale. Each is priced at 378 yen (tax included).

Soy Sauce Milk


The "Soy Sauce Milk Flavor" expresses the special taste of Shimane. It is made with soy sauce from the famous local Morita Soy Sauce Company, which is made in wooden vats and made from Japanese round soybeans. The sweetness of the milk red bean paste and the slightly salty and savory taste of the soy sauce are a perfect match.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Dojo Sukui Manju Soy Sauce Milk Flavor


Milk Flavor The "Strawberry Milk Flavor" is inspired by the popular "Strawberry Milk Mix with Milk" product. The softly fragrant strawberry milk flavor buns have a gentle taste that is suitable for people of all ages. The light pink red bean paste is also pleasing to the eye.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Dojo Sukui Manju Strawberry Milk Flavor


Milk Milk Base Kuze Fuku Shoten's "Strawberry Milk Base" sold 25,000 units in the first six months after its release. This product allows customers to enjoy the nostalgic taste of strawberry milk at home. Each 290ml (9.81us fl oz) bottle is priced at 754 yen (tax included).

For more details, click here.

Kusefuku Shoten "Strawberry milk base