Aohata "Baked and Aromatic Apple Butter", "Baked and Aromatic Strawberry Butter", "Baked and Aromatic Orange Butter".

On August 18, Aohata will release "Grilled Fragrant Apple Butter," "Grilled Fragrant Strawberry Butter," and "Grilled Fragrant Orange Butter" that enhance the aroma and taste by baking after applying. They are expected to be priced at 365 yen each (tax included).

Aohata Bake to Aroma Series

According to a 2021 regular survey on jam spreads (conducted by Aohata), 40% of people who eat bread are dissatisfied with the way they tend to eat it, saying that they tend to eat it in one pattern. Aohata therefore focused on the fruit butter market, which has been growing since 2015. The "Bake and Smell" series is now available.

Aohata "Grilled and fragrant apple butter" toast

This fruit butter can be spread on bread and baked to enhance the aroma of the fruit and buttery flavor. Eggs "Eglo Royale" are used to give it a rich, sweet taste with a clean aftertaste. It is recommended not only for toast but also for hot sandwiches.

Aohata's "Grilled and Fragrant Strawberry Butter" hot sandwich

Grilled and aromatic apple butter

A product combining cubed red apples and grated green apples with butter. Contents: 145 g. Shelf life: 12 months.

Baked Fragrant Strawberry Butter

Strawberries and butter with rum. Content 150g (5.29oz). Shelf life 10 months.

Baked Fragrant Orange Butter

A combination of navel orange peel and juice, orange liqueur and butter. Content 150g (5.29oz). Shelf life 12 months.