The Japan Fish Test Association is accepting applications for the "4th Japan Fish Test" from February 21st to May 24th. The test is scheduled to be held on June 23 at all seven venues in Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Nagoya, Takamatsu, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima.

The Japan Fish Test (nickname: Totoken) is an initiative to widely convey Japan's rich fish culture, knowledge of fish, and delicious ways of eating through the "test" to support the "delicious" encounters between Japanese and fish. Since the first event in 2010, a total of more than 9,000 "fish lovers" have taken the test from 47 prefectures nationwide in the past three tests, including seasonal differences, differences in production areas, and delicious ways to eat in each region. It seems that he is rediscovering the "depth of fish".

And this time, I hope that the examinees of the "Japan Fish Test" will lead the Japanese fishing industry from the aspect of consumption as the successor of the fish food culture in "Japan, the country of fish", and many local governments and regions. With the support of the fisheries industry, the event will be held at 7 venues nationwide.

The test is conducted with 100 questions each for each of the 3rd grade (beginner), 2nd grade (intermediate), and 1st grade (advanced), and the mark sheet 4 choice method (test time 60 minutes). The target level of each class is that the 3rd grade is "people who want to get closer to fish through discoveries and impressions that they meet for the first time", and the 2nd grade is "general people who like fish and self-identify as a connoisseur" and are involved in fishing, distribution and cooking. "People who want to acquire the depth of fish-eating culture", and the first grade "People who ask a wide range of knowledge about fish and aim for the top of fish lovers". Only those who have passed the 2nd grade can take the 1st grade.

In addition, "Handwritten support message" (image in the article) has been sent to the examinees this time from Sakana-kun of the Totoken cheering party. "May the moving circle of fish spread out with Totoken" (partial excerpt / original sic).

"Handwritten support message" from Sakana-kun
"Handwritten support message" from Sakana-kun