The item "Roast Turkey Knit Cap " with the motif of "Roasted turkey" to be eaten at Christmas etc. has been released at the online shop " fu-bi".

I'm not a vessel that can play Santa ...
I'm not a vessel that can play Santa ...

This knit cap is not a "goods for parties and events", but it is made of 100% acrylic material, which is soft to the touch and has high heat retention, so it can be used as an outdoor cold protection item for "everyday use", skiing, snowboarding, survival games, etc. is.

It measures about 57 cm and weighs about 133 g. The price is 3,680 yen.

If you don't like Santa hats because they are too standard, why not try this one this year?

Written by: Kyoto Sanjo Itoya no Musume