Tully's Coffee "& TEA Pistachio & Berry Milk Tea".


MENU & GOODS TULLY'S COFFEE will launch a series of holiday season menus and goods. Irish Latte, & TEA Pistachio & Berry Milk Tea, and Holiday Framboise Shake will be available on December 2.

The theme for this year's holiday season is "BEGIN THE HOLIDAYS WITH A SMILE. With the life of masks now firmly established, smiles are harder to convey and feel, so Tully's will be offering drinks and other menu items and goods with the hope that a cup of coffee time at Tully's will bring a smile to your face.


Irish Latte

is a classic winter drink that symbolizes Christmas at Tully's. The Irish


is said to originate from Ireland. This latte is inspired by Irish coffee, which is said to have originated in Ireland. Many people look forward to this drink every year, and this year marks its 13th year on the market.

Tully's Coffee "Irish Latte

The richness of espresso and the savory flavor of burnt caramel blend with the smooth milk and whipped cream. The taste is a breath of fresh air on cold days.

HOT/ICED available. Priced at 520 yen for a short, 575 yen for a tall, and 630 yen for a grande (tax included).

&TEA Pistachio & Berry Milk Tea

: A seasonal royal milk tea combining pistachios, known as the "queen of nuts," and raspberries. The gentle sweetness of the condensed milk in this royal milk tea is accented with sweet and sour raspberries and cranberries, making it enjoyable all the way through. Pistachio-flavored whipped cream creates a Christmas mood even from the outside.

Tully's Coffee "& TEA Pistachio & Berry Milk Tea".

Available in HOT and ICED. Priced at 535 yen for a short, 590 yen for a tall, and 645 yen for a grande.

Holiday Framboise Sh

ake A milky sweet frozen shake with sweet and sour raspberry and cranberry sauce. The whipped cream is decorated with red berry sauce in the center to resemble a Christmas wreath.

Tully's Coffee "Holiday Framboise Shake

Tall size only. Price: 680 yen.

Cookies & Vanilla Cream Pancake

Pancakes with the classic sweet "cookies & cream" flavor. The fluffy pancakes are accented with the crunchy texture of cookies.

Tully's Coffee "Cookies & Vanilla Cream Pancake

Priced from 825 yen for an individual item and 1,140 yen for a set.

Churros Ribbon


A churros ribbon decorated with strawberries, a limited edition for the holiday season. It has a cute appearance.

Tully's Coffee "Churro Ribbon Strawberry

Priced at 350 yen; on sale Friday, November 25.


A classic Tully's winter Danish with the image of a Christmas tree. The flavor of cheese cream and almonds spreads out.

Tully's Coffee "Amacrotree".

Priced at 330 yen; on sale Friday, December 2.

The limited-edition goods for the holiday season are as follows

<Tully's Holiday Roast Medium 1,380 yen/200g (7.05oz)
2. Tully's Holiday Roast Full Body 1,380 yen/200g (7.05oz)
3. Tully's Zips Single Serve Holiday Roast Assortment Box 1,490 yen/8p boxes

<November 25 (Friday) release>
4. Mini Card Case (Black) 2,600 yen
5. Bearful Duffle Coat (Red/Blue) [Petite] 1,100 yen each
6. Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler (Ivory) 2,400 yen
7. Ornament Relief Mug (Mustard) 2,500 yen
8. Bearful Pouch & Bag (Pancake) 2 2,550 yen

Tully's Coffee Limited Edition Holiday Season Merchandise

Drink and food prices are tax included when eating or drinking in the store. Tax rates are different for To go.
Some stores do not carry this item.