Hamazushi's Hokkaido Selected Delicacies Festival

Hamazushi's Hokkaido Selected Delicacies


Hamazushi's Hokkaido Selected Delicacies Festival is being held at Hamazushi from May 28, 2012. Tsubugai kimchi and black sea bream are offered for the first time.

This fair offers Hokkai Izakaya's Tsubugai Kimchi, with its addictive crunchy texture and spicy kimchi flavor, for 110 yen (tax included, same below).

Hamazushi "Hokkai Izakaya's Mussel Kimchi

The "Hokkaido Salt-cured Black Soi" (165 yen), which is salt-cured black sea bream, also known as "Hokkaido's sea bream," makes its first appearance. The black sea bream is characterized by its moderate fat content and sweetness that fills the mouth as it is chewed, making it a dish not to be missed.

Hama-zushi "Salt-cured Kurozorei (black sole) landed in Hokkaido

Also making its first appearance is the "Salmon Chanchanyaki-style" (165 yen), which is inspired by the local Hokkaido dish "Chanchanyaki. The salmon is coated with a miso sauce characterized by the crunchy texture of green onions and onions and a hint of sweetness, and seared to create a savory finish.

Hamazushi "Salmon Chanchanyaki Style

The Blissful Consistency Series offers the "Gokai Kaisen Zari Tsutsumi" (319 yen). The "Gokai Kaisen Zuri Tsutsumi" (319 yen) is a seafood dish featuring salmon, scallops, crab, and salmon roe, all generously arranged.

Hama-zushi "Gokai Kaisenzuke Utsutsumi" (Gourgeous Seafood Platter Tsutsumi)

The product will end as soon as it is gone.
* Sales period for some products differs.
* Prices differ at some stores.
* To be sold at 604 stores (as of May 27).

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