BIKKURI DONKEY "Hamburger steak shop menchikatsu


amburger Steak Restaurant Menchikatsu" Hamburger Steak Restaurant BIKKURI DONKEY is offering "Hamburger Steak Restaurant Menchikatsu" again this year for a limited time. The menu including "Menchikatsu & Hamburger Dish" will be available from May 29.

Hamburger Shop


: This is the third year for this popular fair. The usual hamburger patty is covered with fresh bread crumbs, and in addition to three types of menchikatsu dishes that allow you to enjoy the crispy texture and juicy meat juices, three luxurious dishes that include menchikatsu in a hamburger steak dish will be available for a limited time only. In addition, "Menchikatsu Yaki Curry Rice" with Menchikatsu on top of Yaki Curry Rice is also available.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Hamburger steak shop menchikatsu

Menchikatsu & Hamburger Dish / Menchikatsu Dish (without Hamburger

) The menchikatsu dish is topped with the popular original hamburger steak sauce, which is a BIKKURI DONKEY signature! The soy sauce-based hamburger sauce goes perfectly with the meat and rice.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu & Hamburger Dish

Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish / Menchikatsu Curry Dish (without hamburger steak

) Recommended for those who want to eat with gusto.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish

Menchikatsu with grated ponzu & hamburger steak/ Menchikatsu with grated ponzu (without hamburger steak

) A refreshing Japanese style dish with grated radish and yuzu juice from Kochi Prefecture.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchi-Katsu Oroshi Ponzu & Hamburger Dish

Menchikatsu Rice with Grilled C

urry Sauce A hearty dish of savory grilled curry rice topped with a fried menchikatsu. The spiciness of the curry matches perfectly with the mild flavor of the egg.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Yaki Curry Rice

S, M, L are the size of hamburger steak. 150g (5.29oz) → S, 200g (7.05oz) → M, 300g (10.58oz) → L
* Rice can be changed to cauliflower rice (110 yen)
* Amount of rice can be changed (large portion: 100 yen / small portion: 55 yen discount)
* Dish salad can be made into large portion (195 yen)
* Toppings not available for Menchikatsu Dish, Menchikatsu Curry Dish, Menchikatsu Oroshi Ponzu Dish
* Menchikatsu & Hamburger Steak Dish, Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Steak Dish, Menchikatsu Oroshi Ponzu & Hamburger Steak Dish are available with hamburger steak and toppings of your choice (¥195) (Eggs, grated radish: 110 yen / cheese (2 sticks), pineapple: 180 yen)
* Prices and items available vary by region and store
* A 10% late-night charge will be added to orders placed after 10 p.m.
* Menu items, utensils and containers for some items may vary depending on season, time of day and store.
* Suppliers and prices are subject to change due to changes in weather and political conditions
* To go and delivery items are served in special containers (varies by store)
* Plastic bags are charged (large and small) 1 yen each plus tax
* Delivery order acceptance hours, delivery areas and minimum order amounts vary by region and store.
* Delivery service fees will be separately determined by the service.
* Discounts and coupons that can be used in stores cannot be used for delivery service.

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