Mos Burger "Shin tobikiri honmai yamottama teriyaki ~Hokkaido cheese

Mos Burger "Shin tobikiri honmai yamottama teriyaki ~Hokkaido cheese

~" "Shin tobikiri honmai yamottama teriyaki ~Hokkaido cheese~" will be on sale at Mos Burger restaurants from May 22 to mid-July (except at some restaurants). The price is 690 yen (tax included).

Shin tobikiri kinzai

yamottama teriyaki ~Hokkaido cheese~

Mos Burger has named the spirit of enjoying Japanese culture and food "Wa-gokoro" and has adopted "Wa-gokoro Enjoy" as its catchphrase for fiscal 2024. In March this year, Mos Burger launched the "New Tobikiri" series, which uses a patty made from 100% Japanese beef, as a product that embodies the "Japanese spirit" that only Mos can offer. Despite being a new category with high added value, the series has been selling well, selling a total of 2.15 million servings in just one month since its launch.

This time, in order to make the "New Tobikiri" series known to a wider audience, the company launched "Shin Tobikiri KINZAI Yamato-Teriyaki ~Hokkaido Cheese~" focusing on the teriyaki burger. To maximize the appeal of the new tobikiri patty made from 100% Japanese beef, a special teriyaki sauce is used that has a stronger aroma than Mos original teriyaki sauce.

Mos Burger "Shin tobikiri honmai yamottama teriyaki ~Hokkaido cheese

The burger is topped with lettuce, a 100% Japanese beef patty, Hokkaido cheese, special teriyaki sauce, and finally a half-boiled egg (an original egg product). The teriyaki sauce is based on two types of miso (soybean and rice miso) and is flavored with garlic and bonito. It is made with a well-balanced blend of carefully selected domestic ingredients, including red sake from Kumamoto, ginger paste from Kochi Prefecture, and apple juice from Aomori Prefecture.

The cheese used in the "New Tobikiri" series is a combination of rich-tasting Hokkaido Gouda cheese, Hokkaido cheddar cheese, and Parmesan cheese. The richness of the Hokkaido cheese, the mellow semi-boiled style egg, the patty made from 100% Japanese beef, and the teriyaki sauce perfectly combine their respective tastes to create an appetizing and luxurious dish.

The beef in the patty is 100% domestically produced.
* Of the cheese used in the patty, 95% is cheese from Hokkaido.
* The cheese is heat treated.

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