Lotte "Pie no Mi [Matcha Tiramisu]" and "Toppo [Selected Dark Matcha]".

Lotte "Pie no Mi [Matcha Tiramisu]"

and "Toppo [Selected

Dark Green Tea]

" will be released by Lotte on May 9 (Tue). Estimated price is around 205 yen each (tax included).

Pie no Mi [Matcha


Pie no Mi [Matcha Tiramisu] is the latest addition to the 64-layer crispy pie "Pie no Mi," which is crispy and savory. The "Luxury Sweets Pie" series is a series of "luxury sweets pies" that are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The concept of the series is "to deliver sweet pies made with all our heart and soul.

Lotte "Pie no Mi [Matcha Tiramisu]".

The pie crust is kneaded with Tsujiri Ichi Honten's Uji matcha green tea and filled with mascarpone cheese powder and chocolate kneaded with Tsujiri Ichi Honten's Uji matcha green tea. The dough is made with Uji matcha, which has a bitter and fragrant taste, and the chocolate is made with Uji matcha, which has a balance of bitterness and fine flavor. You can enjoy Uji matcha green tea throughout the pie fruit.

The Lotte Group's official online mall will release "Ookina Pie Nuts [Dense Uji Maccha]" in a limited quantity of 6,000 from 10:00 a.m. on May 9 (Tue.). The product is approximately three times the weight of regular pie nuts (compared to standard weight) and offers the rich taste of Tsuji Riichi Honten's Uji matcha green tea. 8 pieces (individually wrapped), 1,080 yen (tax included, shipping not included).

LOTTE "Ookina Pie no Mi [Deep Uji Green Tea]".

Toppo [Selected Dark


"Toppo [Selected Dark Matcha]" from the "Toppo" lineup, which is full of chocolate to the very end, is now available. Even when you grow up, you still need this." The series is based on the concept of "gently accompanying you as you work hard at work and raise children.

Lotte "Toppo [Selected dark green tea]".

Toppo [Selected Dark Matcha] contains the largest amount of matcha in Toppo's history. The special pretzel is filled with chocolate made from high-quality, aromatic Uji matcha from Tsujiri Ichi Honten, and the flavor of the matcha is enhanced. You can enjoy the fine aroma and bitterness of Uji matcha the moment you put it in your mouth.