Tokyo Banana World x Ito Kuemon Green Tea Cake

Tokyo Banana World x Ito

Kyuemon Matcha Cake

Tokyo Banana World, a Tokyo souvenir brand, will sell Tokyo Banana World x Ito Kyuemon Matcha Cake. It will be available at Fa-So-La stores in Narita Airport and TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP NORTH in Haneda Airport International Flight. The release date is July 19. Prices are 1,404 yen for 8 pieces and 2,106 yen for 12 pieces (both including tax).

This is the first collaboration between "Tokyo Banana World," one of Japan's most popular souvenirs, and Ito Kyuemon, a long-established teahouse in Kyoto that represents Japan. The result is a "matcha cake" that is as representative of Japan as it gets.

Tokyo Banana World x Ito Kuemon Matcha Cake

Two types of smooth cream, Uji green tea and milk, are wrapped in a fluffy Uji green tea sponge dough. The top surface of the dough is decorated with four different Japanese motifs of Tokyo Banana and tea. The cake is made by carefully kneading in fragrant Uji matcha green tea.

The packaging was also carefully selected to make it a suitable souvenir from Japan. The back view of a woman in a Japanese kimono holding a "Matcha Cake" in her hand. A hairpin with a Tokyo Banana motif shines brightly in the hair ornament. The package was designed after consulting with sales staff at the airport to create a package suitable for souvenirs.