KALDI Coffee Farm Thailand 2024


New "Thai" products will appear one after another at KALDI COFFEE FARM. The lineup includes products with a fresh aroma of herbs and spices that will stimulate your appetite.

Original Cafe L

ime Leaf Dressing This dressing uses cafe lime leaf, an herb often used in Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisine. The refreshing citrusy aroma that permeates the nose is complemented by the richness of garlic and fish sauce for a taste that will never get old. The price is 439 yen (tax included).

KALDIo Original Cafe Lime Leaf Dressing

Original Chiang Mai Sausage Stock (Sai Ua)

: A base for making Chiang Mai sausage, a Thai herb sausage, simply by preparing ground pork. It has an addictive flavor with the aroma of café lime leaves, lemongrass, and other herbs. Price: 151 yen.

KALDIo Original Chiang Mai Sausage Stock (Sai Ua)

Original Coconut Ice Cream

Two types of coconut fines are added to rich coconut milk ice cream to give it a savory flavor and texture. Price: 216 yen.

KALDIo Original Coconut Ice Cream

Original Thai Milk Tea

This orange-colored milk tea is popular in Thailand. The rich sweetness and rich milk flavor is followed by the refreshing aroma of black tea and vanilla. It is recommended to make iced tea with plenty of ice. Price: 397 yen.

KALDIo Original Thai Milk Tea

Product availability varies by store.
* Product availability is limited and will end as soon as the product is gone.
* Product price, contents, and design are subject to change.

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