KALDI "Cereal Cookie Pineapple

Here is a summary of the new products from KALDI's that I actually tasted and enjoyed. They are "Lemon Tartar Sauce," "Cereal Cookie Pineapple," and "Gari Gari All Purpose Sauce."

Lemon Tartar Sauce

KALDI's "Lemon Tartar Sauce" is a refreshing tartar sauce made with whole lemons. The crunchy texture of chopped onions and the acidity of the lemon accent the sauce. Serve with fried foods, etc.

KALDI "Lemon Tartar Sauce

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Cereal Cookie Pineapple

Cereal Cookie Pineapple" is a baked cookie made of whole wheat flour and oats, with dried pineapple kneaded into the dough. The cookies have a savory and crispy texture.

KALDI "Cereal Cookie Pineapple

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Garigari Banodare

Gari Gari Manno Dare" is a dressing for those who like gari ginger, a classic chopstick rest for sushi. It is filled with coarsely chopped Japanese sweet and sour ginger. It goes great with chilled tomatoes and chilled yakko.

KALDI "Garigari Manno Sore" (all-purpose sauce)

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