Domino's Pizza New hot and spicy "Bloody Halloween Pizza", etc.


's Pizza will be selling the new "Bloody Halloween Pizza" with a "Bloody" theme from October 23 to October 31. The "Bloody Halloween Chicken" will also be available.

For those who do not like spicy food, "Halloween Quattro Happy" and "Halloween Quattro 2 Happy" will be available.

Bloody Halloween Pizza

Domino's Pizza "Bloody Halloween Pizza".

This new product is the first ever Domino's to use pitch-black pizza dough. Devil's Crust", a pitch-black pizza dough with a fluffy texture, is made by mixing bamboo charcoal into the dough.

This pitch-black dough is topped with twice as much 100% mozzarella cheese, pure white Camembert cheese sauce, and elastic, sweet, chewy tapioca, and then finished with a bright red, super-spicy Bloody Sauce. The shocking combination of toppings creates an "unimaginably delicious" experience.

Domino's Pizza "Bloody Halloween Pizza".

In addition, the bright red hot Bloody Sauce on your hands when you eat the Bloody Halloween Pizza will make you look like a blood-covered zombie, creating the "most terrifying mood". The price for delivery is from 3,490 yen for a small size, and from 1,745 yen for a half-price small size to-go.

Bloody Halloween Chicken

Domino's Pizza "Bloody Halloween Chicken

This new product features seared bone-in chicken seasoned with salt and pepper and tossed in a bright red hot Bloody Sauce. The hot and spicy Bloody Sauce on your hands when eating the chicken makes you look like a bloody zombie. After enjoying the spicy and delicious taste, you can enjoy the mellow flavor by mixing the Domino's Pizza original special Caesar dressing that comes with the chicken. Priced at 699 yen.

Halloween Quattro Happy

Domino's Pizza "Halloween Quattro Happy

For those who don't like super spicy food. The "Quattro Happy," which comes in four flavors (Tropical, Genovese, American, and Margherita) on a single sheet, can be enjoyed with a "Devil's Crust," a black dough with Halloween specifications. It is not spicy, as it is not covered with an extremely hot Bloody Sauce. Prices start at 2,490 yen for S size for delivery and 1,245 yen for S size for half price to-go.

Halloween Quattro 2 Happy

Domino's Pizza "Halloween Quattro 2 Happy

A product for those who don't like extremely spicy food. Quattro 2 Happy, which includes the four flavors of mayo shrimp, margherita, Domino's Deluxe, and charbroiled chiquitelli in one piece, can be enjoyed with a "devil's crust," a black dough with Halloween specifications. Prices start at 2,490 yen for S size for delivery and 1,245 yen for S size for half price to-go.

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