7-ELEVEN Uji green tea doughnuts supervised by Ito Kyuemon: 2 kinds

7-ELEVEN Uji Matcha Doughnuts supervised by Ito Kyuemon

Two types of Uji matcha doughnuts supervised by Ito Kyuemon of Uji, Kyoto: "Old Fashioned Uji Matcha" and "Mottochiri Doughnut Uji Matcha" will be available sequentially at 7-ELEVEN stores from September 19, 2012.

Uji matcha green tea blended with the "golden ratio for matcha sweets," which was discovered while developing more than 100 types of Uji matcha sweets, was used to create the Uji matcha versions of the two royal doughnuts.

The doughnuts were supervised by Grand Chef Takato Yoshimoto, who also produces Ito Kyuemon's Uji Confectionery Workshop. After a 10-year career at a long-established hotel, he went to France to study. After training at a major confectionery store, he joined Ito Kuemon. Currently involved in the development of the teahouse menu and "Uji Confectionery Workshop" sweets. 2014 BUKO cream cheese contest winner. 2015 Noel Arida sweets contest winner. He has won many other awards.

Old Fashioned Uji Matcha

7-ELEVEN "Old Fashioned Uji Green Tea

Flavorful matcha green tea is blended into the dough. The doughnut is covered with matcha syrup and finished with a line of matcha chocolate. The price is 172.80 yen (tax included).

Mochiri-Doughnut Uji Matcha

7-ELEVEN "Mottochiri Donut Uji Green Tea

Flavorful matcha green tea is blended into the dough. The dough has a firm texture and is covered with matcha chocolate and sprinkled with matcha sugar. The price is 172.80 yen (tax included).

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