Kyodo Dairy New ice cream "Doutor Cafe Mocha

Kyodo Dairy New Ice Cream

"Doutor Cafe Mocha" Kyodo Dairy will release a new ice cream product "Doutor Cafe Mocha" on September 25 in collaboration with Doutor Coffee. It will be available at supermarkets nationwide.


Cafe Mocha "Doutor Cafe Mocha" is an authentic Cafe Mocha ice cream bar that uses Doutor's special coffee ingredients to create a coffee shop-like atmosphere at home. It is based on Doutor's popular "Cafe Mocha". The combination of two types of espresso coffee and sweet chocolate in the rich ice cream expresses the deep aroma and flavor of "Cafe Mocha.

Kyodo Dairy New ice cream "Doutor Cafe Mocha

To add not only flavor but also texture, graham cookies with whole grains are added as a topping, creating a crunchy texture. The ice cream bar has a rich coffee aroma, a rich ice cream flavor, and a fun crunchy texture.

The product has a volume of 70 ml, a calorie content of 173 kcal, and an estimated price of 160 yen (excluding tax).

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