KALDI "Coffee Day Bag
(Image taken from the official website)

KALDI Coffee Day Bags Available October 1, 2023

KALDI Coffee Farm will sell Original Coffee Day Bags. Limited quantities. The release date is October 1. The price is 1,980 yen (tax included).

Original Coffee Day


The "Original Coffee Day Bag" is a two-tone felt fabric bag (beige and gray) containing three kinds of coffee. The set includes the juicy, caramel-like sweetness of Papua New Guinea Urya Estate (bag only), the aromatic and gorgeous flavor of Sumiyaki Coffee Mocha Blend (bag only), and Mild KALDI, the most popular coffee for its gentle sweetness and mouthfeel. Coffee is available in "powder" and "bean" ground for paper filter, and you can choose

bag is size 245mm (W) x 240mm (H) x 160mm (G); handle 38cm; load capacity is approximately 3kg; coffee bean content is 600g (21.16oz) each (200g (7.05oz) x 1 bag each) The coffee beans are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Up to 10 items per person in the online store. In the store, up to 5 items per person.