Doutor "Sakura Ore - Warabimochi - (ice cream)


#Doutor Sakura Festival

Doutor Coffee Shops are holding the "#Doutor Sakura Festival" from February 16 (Thu) to enjoy an early cherry blossom viewing mood. We tried the new menu item "Sakura Olay ~Warabimochi~ (iced)".

Sakura Olay ~Warabimochi~ (


) "Sakura Olay ~Warabimochi~ (iced)" is a gorgeous seasonal drink inspired by spring. It is made with a sauce made from cherry blossom paste, giving it a lovely pink hue. The whipped topping is topped with arare, shavings of chocolate cherry blossoms, and the ice cream is topped with warabimochi (rice cakes). The ice cream is filled with strawbimochi (rice cakes), which give the ice cream a soft and fluffy texture. The price is 580 yen (tax included) for the medium size ice cream only.

First of all, it looks so cute! The whole thing is a light pink color, and the rolled arare are also pastel-colored. The shaved chocolate cherry blossoms look like falling petals.

Doutor "Sakura Ore - Warabimochi - (ice cream)
Sakura Olay - Strawberry Mochi (ice cream)

The base is light and easy to drink, with the gentle sweetness of milk. The straw rice cake in the bottom has a plump texture and feels more like a jelly than a rice cake. The base isn't too sweet, so the whipped topping and melted chocolate are just right! The crunchy arare is also a nice accent.

Doutor "Sakura Ore - Warabimochi - (ice cream)

Doutor "Sakura Ore - Warabimochi - (ice cream)

Doutor "Sakura Ore - Warabimochi - (ice cream)" will make you feel like enjoying cherry blossoms a little earlier than usual. If you like cherry blossom flavors, this is a must-try!