Doutor "Softly Fragrant Cherry Cherry Cake


#Doutor Sakura Matsuri Sweets

Doutor Coffee Shop is holding the #Doutor Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom festival) to enjoy an early cherry blossom viewing mood. We tried the "Softly Fragrant Cherry Blossom Cake" from the sweets menu.

The "


Fragrant Cherry Blossom Cake" is made by layering matcha- and cherry blossom-flavored sponge and two types of tiramisu cream to create a bright cross-section. The top is topped with a cherry blossom-shaped decoration.

Doutor "Softly Fragrant Cherry Cherry Cake

It looks like a water chestnut! The tiramisu cream melts smoothly in the mouth and has a texture similar to mousse. The sponge dough has a soft and gentle sweetness, with a moderate flavor of green tea and cherry blossoms. It goes well with both sweet and unsweetened drinks!

Doutor "Softly Fragrant Cherry Cherry Cake

Doutor's "Softly Fragrant Cherry Cherry Blossom Cake" brings a sense of spring to your taste buds. How about having it as a snack? It is also recommended to enjoy it with the " Sakura Olay ~Warabimochi~ (ice cream) " which is sold at the same time.