Sushiro "Manpuku Big Neta Festival


"Manpuku Decantera Festival" Sushiro will hold "Manpuku Decantera Festival" for a limited time, featuring large slices of chutoro, the "king of tuna", shrimp and sea urchin with decantera. The event will be held from September 13 to October 1.

The "Manpuku


Festival" is the last fair of Sushiro's 39th anniversary. Popular items will be offered in large and jumbo sizes for a limited time only. The centerpiece of the menu is the "Honmuna Ookiri Chutoro," a large cut of chutoro made from honmuna, the "king of tuna" and known as the "king of tuna. The large size allows you to fully enjoy the balance between the deliciousness of the tuna and the sweetness of the fat.

The "Live-clawed dekaebi," which is fresh and crispy and allows you to enjoy the original flavor and texture of the shrimp, and the "Large cut squid," which allows you to taste the sweetness of the squid as you bite into it, are more satisfying than usual and are served on the most reasonable yellow plate. The lineup also includes "Double Jumbo Scallops" so large that they cover the scallops, "Big Beef Tongue Nigiri," Sushiro's original beef tongue seasoned simply with salt and pepper and cut into large pieces in the restaurant, and "Ebiten Mountain," a mountain of freshly fried shrimp tempura.

The company plans to sell a total of 1.5 million servings of the "

Honmuna Ookiri Chutoro" (medium fatty tuna

). Prices are 260 yen, 270 yen, and 290 yen (prices vary by store, same below).

Sushiro "Big fat tuna with medium fatty tuna".

Live-clawed dekaebi

: 2,070,000 servings total, with a limited number of servings sold each day. Prices are 120 yen, 130 yen, and 150 yen.

Sushiro "Live-close dekaebi

2,510,000 servings of fresh

cut squid

will be sold, with a limited number of servings available each day. The price is 120 yen, 130 yen, and 150 yen.

Sushiro "Big Cutlass Squid

The number of sales is limited. The price is 180 yen, 190 yen and 210 yen.

Sushiro "Large-sized boiled conger eel

Double jumbo scallops Total number of scallops

sold: 460,000 servings; limited daily quantities available. Price is 400 yen. Price is 400 yen, 410 yen and 430 yen at some stores.

Sushiro "Double Jumbo Scallops

Big-sized Beef Tongue Nigiri

Total sales quantity is planned to be 460,000 servings. Prices are 260 yen, 270 yen, and 290 yen.

Sushiro "Large-sized beef tongue nigiri

Shrimp tempura mountain

: 200,000 servings available for a limited number of servings per day. Not available at Utajima Store. No take-out available. Prices are 260 yen, 270 yen, and 290 yen.

Sushiro "Shrimp tempura mountain

Chikuwa Tempura Nigiri Total number of nigiri

sold: 520,000 servings. Not available at Utajima store. Prices are 120 yen, 130 yen, and 150 yen.

Sushiro "Chikuwa Tempura Nigiri