7-ELEVEN "Chirole Chocolates (Suito Potato)

7-ELEVEN Chirole

Chocolates "Suito Potato" will be on sale at 7-ELEVEN. The product will go on sale on September 16. The price is 41 yen per piece (tax included).

Chirole Chocolates [Suite


"Chirole Chocolates [Suite Potato]" reproduce the popular autumn sweet potato in Chirole Chocolates. Sweet potato sauce and sweet potato-flavored red bean paste are trapped inside the sweet potato-flavored chocolate. It is characterized by its aromatic buttery flavor and smooth texture. The bottom of the chocolate is accented with a savory flavor.

The hand-drawn illustration of a sweet potato gives the product a bright, autumnal pop design. The mark of the "chi" of Chiroruco in the style of a sweet potato plate is a cute retro point.