PRONTO "Mango Apricot Tapioca Milk," "Setouchi Lemon Cheesecake," etc.

PRONTO "Mango Apricot Tapioca Miruku" and "Setouchi Lemon Cheesecake," etc.

Three types of summer drinks including "Mango Apricot Tapioca Miruku" and a seasonal dessert "Setouchi Lemon Cheesecake" will be available at PRONTO stores during cafe hours from August 1.

Mango Apricot Tapioca Milk

PRONTO "Mango Apricot Tapioca Milk

This is an original drink using "Yang Zhi Gan Luo," a mango sweet born in Hong Kong. Yang Zhi Gum Loo is a popular dessert in Hong Kong, and is served with grapefruit as well as mango pulp, and is often served with condensed milk or coconut milk as an after-dinner dessert at restaurants.

The "Mango Apricot Tapioca Miruku" is made by combining such toothpick nectar with apricot syrup and milk, and topped with whipped topping, apple mango dice, and mint. The refreshing mango milk and the crunchy texture of the tapioca make this a perfect summer drink. Priced at 649 yen (tax included, same below).

Ice Tropical Lemon Tea

PRONTO "Ice Tropical Lemon Tea".

Fragrant Earl Grey tea, lemon-flavored jelly, mango sauce, and original lemonade sauce are combined in this drink, which is topped with lemon slices. This seasonal lemon tea allows you to enjoy the smooth texture of the jelly and the tropical flavor of the mango. Priced R 539 yen, L 627 yen.

Ginger Lemon Squash

PRONTO "Ginger Lemon Squash"

PRONTO's original lemonade sauce is combined with soda, and freshly grated ginger, ginger syrup, and sliced ginger are added to this squash. The refreshing taste of the soda and the tangy flavor of the ginger are a perfect match. Priced R 539 yen, L 627 yen.

Setouchi Lemon Cheesecake

PRONTO "Setouchi Lemon Cheesecake

This dessert consists of baked cheesecake topped with Setouchi lemon sauce, whipped topping and pistachios. You can enjoy the light texture of the baked cheesecake and the fresh aroma of lemon. Price: 594 yen.