PRONTO "Peach Jelline Latte", "Peach Earl Grey Tea", "Peach Rare Cheese

New drinks "Peach Jelline Latte" and "Peach Earl Grey Tea" to taste seasonal peaches and new sweets "Peach Rare Cheese" will be available at PRONTO's café time from July 1.

Peach Jelline Latte

Jelline" is a coined word combining "jelly" and "verrine. It expresses the three-layer glass dessert "verrine," which is cool from the outside as well.

This dessert drink is perfect for summer, with its refreshing milk-based flavor and the pull-texture of the white peach jelly. Three types of peaches are combined: white peach jelly, vanilla milk with white peaches, and whipped cream with white peach sauce. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

Peach Earl Grey Tea

A summer fruit tea combining PRONTO's original Earl Grey tea and white peaches. The mellow aroma of peaches and the gorgeous flavor of bergamot are a perfect match. Priced at 440 yen (tax included).

Peach Rare Cheese

Rare cheese cake with a layer of rare cheese cream on top of a graham cookie dough, coated with pink jelly and topped with chunky white peaches. Peaches, the fruit of summer, complement the richness of the rare cheese and make this a sweet to be enjoyed. The price is 528 yen (tax included).