New PRONTO drinks "Strawberry Latte & Custard Cream" and "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea

PRONTO New Drinks & Seasonal Sweets

Two new drinks, "Strawberry Latte & Custard Cream" and "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea," and a seasonal sweet, "Marble Berry Velvet Cake," will be available at PRONTO's cafe time. The release date is November 14.

Strawberry Latte &


Cream "Strawberry Latte & Cascade Cream" is a seasonal drink that combines a rich strawberry latte with plenty of strawberry pulp and smooth custard cream with vanilla beans for an elegant sweetness. The whipped cream is topped with sweet and sour freeze-dried strawberries and pistachios.

PRONTO "Strawberry Latte & Cascade Cream"


Spiced Milk Tea "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea" is a milk tea inspired by "Christmas Tea," a European winter tradition. Christmas tea is a festive blend of dried fruits and spices that celebrates the holiday season.

PRONTO has combined royal milk tea made from rich Assam tea leaves that go well with milk, sweet and sour strawberry sauce, and several carefully selected spices such as star anise, cinnamon, and cloves, a star-shaped spice with a strong sweet aroma. Enjoy this special seasonal milk tea with a slight pink color that warms the heart.

PRONTO "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea

Marble Berry


Cake "Marble Berry Velvet Cake" is a perfect sweet for the winter event season with two brightly colored layers of bright red sponge dough and white chocolate ganache cream. The top is topped with marbled red berry sauce, whipped cream and freeze-dried strawberries. The tartness of the strawberry jam sandwiched between the sponge and cream contrasts with the milky sweetness of the white chocolate.

PRONTO "Strawberry Spiced Milk Tea