Excelsior Cafe "Choco Mint Ice Cream Cake


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Menu Excelsior Cafe will offer a new summer-only menu. The frozen drink "Espresso Frozen Panna Cotta" and the ice cream cakes "Choco Mint Ice Cream Cake" and "Peach Ice Cream Cake" are the perfect summer treats. The release date is June 29.

Espresso Frozen Panna


is a frozen drink made with Excelsior Cafe's special coffee beans, perfect for hot weather. The smooth texture of the frozen drink and the gentle aroma of espresso will fill your mouth. The combination of the panna cotta, one of Italy's most popular desserts, gives the drink a plump texture.

Excelsior Cafe "Espresso Frozen Panna Cotta

The creamy flavor can be enjoyed by mixing in the whipped cream topping as you sip. The regular size is priced at 680 yen (tax included).


Mint Ice Cake A chocolate mint flavored ice cream cake that is perfect for the hot summer months. The refreshing mint-flavored ice cream cake is finished with chocolate marble patterns, each with a different expression. The mint-flavored ice cream cake is filled with chocolate chips, and the top is also covered with crushed chocolate to accentuate the texture. Price: 530 yen. Sold only for in-store consumption.

Excelsior Cafe "Choco Mint Ice Cream Cake


Ice Cream Cake Peach ice cream cake, a cool and refreshing treat for the hot summer season, is now available in limited quantities. The slightly sweet peach ice cream cake on a cookie dough base is filled with diced peaches, two kinds of drench cherries (red and green), and dried cranberries, making it a cake with a gorgeous cross-section. The price is 530 yen. Limited quantities available, so it will be sold as soon as it is gone. Sold only for in-store consumption.

Excelsior Cafe "Peach Iced Cake