Excelsior Cafe "Cafe Cinnamon Apple

Café Cinnamon Apple," a seasonal autumn latte, and "Kabocha and Red Potato Cake," a colorful autumn-only dessert, will be available at Excelsior Café on September 22.

Cafe Cinnamon Apple

Café Cinnamon Apple" is a seasonal latte perfect for the fall season, inspired by apple pie. It has a base of caramel sauce and condensed milk, and uses red bean jam and Fuji apple cubes for accentuation. HOT/ICED: S size, 600 yen in-store, 589 yen To go, tax included. Prices may differ in some stores.

Excelsior Cafe "Cafe Cinnamon Apple

Kabocha and Red Potato Cake

A colorful cake with a smooth texture and beautiful appearance, using the autumn ingredients "kabocha" and "beni imo" (red sweet potato). Red sweet potato cheesecake, pumpkin mousse, and pumpkin custard are layered to create a vivid layer. It is also topped with caramel sauce and pistachios. In addition to the texture, the top and cross section of the cake are visually pleasing. The price including tax is 550 yen in the store and 540 yen for To go.

Excelsior Cafe "Pumpkin and Red Potato Cake

In October, the "Kabocha and Red Potato Cake" will be offered with a Halloween pattern pick for one month only. While supplies last.