Spice-Scented Pumpkin Latte


Cafe New Autumn Menu

Excelsior Cafe will be offering new products that remind us of the arrival of autumn. The new menu items are "Spice-Scented Pumpkin Latte," "Spice-Scented Marron Latte," "Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc with Cassis Whipped Cream," "Pumpkin and Purple Sweet Potato Cake," "Creamy Shrimp and Avocado Doria with Lobster Sauce," and "Chicken and Vegetable Doria with Yuzu Kosho Doria.

Spice-Scented Pumpkin Latte

A spice-scented, slightly sweet adult latte perfect for the deepening autumn season. Spice flavored syrup and pumpkin sauce are added to the base of the drink to create a spicy and mildly sweet flavor that matches the gentle aroma of espresso. The finish is topped with nutmeg powder and a lovely looking star-shaped star anise. Priced at 660 yen (tax included, same as below).

Spice-Scented Pumpkin Latte

Spice-Scented Marron Latte

: Two types of marron sauces are combined to give the aroma and sweetness of chestnuts, and hazelnut sauce is added to give it extra body. The finish is topped with cocoa powder and cinnamon sticks, a typical spice, for a gorgeous appearance. When the cinnamon stick is stirred in, the sweet and refreshing aroma transfers and the flavor changes. Price: 660 yen.

Spiced Marron Latte

Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts - Cassis Whipped Cream -

Using chestnuts, an autumn ingredient, this Mont Blanc is made to feel like the season. The cocoa-flavored dough is topped with blackcurrant-flavored whipped cream and squeezed with Italian chestnut Mont Blanc cream. The sourness of the blackcurrant cream gives a refreshing taste to the sweetness of the Italian chestnut mont blanc. The price is 550 yen.

Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts ~Cassis Whipped Cream

Kabocha and Purple Sweet Potato Cake

This colorful cake is made with autumn ingredients pumpkin and sweet potato. The core cookie dough is layered with Kagoshima purple sweet potato cheesecake and Hokkaido pumpkin mousse, and the top is topped with pumpkin custard, caramel sauce, and pistachio topping. Price: 550 yen.

Kabocha and Purple Sweet Potato Cake

Creamy Shrimp and Avocado Doria - Lobster Sauce * 0.3% lobster used

Shrimp Doria renewed. It is made with lobster sauce characterized by the rich, clean taste of lobster and a creamy white sauce. Toppings include shrimp, avocado, and mini tomatoes. Price: 800 yen.

Creamy shrimp and avocado doria with lobster sauce * 0.3% lobster

Yuzu Kosho Doria with Gorotto Vegetables and Chicken

This is a seasonal doria to enjoy the "taste of autumn". To enjoy the flavors of the ingredients, the dish is topped with unseasoned sweet potatoes and kabocha pumpkins. Grilled chicken and tomatoes have also been added to give the dish more texture and color. The tangy flavor of yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus pepper) added to the white sauce rounds out the overall taste. Fried lotus root chips are added as a topping to change the texture and taste of the dish, making it enjoyable all the way to the end. The price is 820 yen.

Yuzu Kosho Doria (Chicken and Vegetables)

The star anise topping is added for flavor. It is not edible.
The cinnamon stick topping is for flavor. Not edible.
Fruit Peach Tea Strawberry & Pineapple", "Pearl Iced Latte" and "Pearl Royal Milk Tea" will be discontinued on September 13.
Chocolate Mint Ice Cake" and "Rare Cheese Cake - Honey Lemon" will be discontinued on September 13.
Chicken and Ratatouille Om Doria" and "Shrimp and Scallop Cheese Doria" will be discontinued on September 13.