Funabashiya "Christmas Fruit Anmitsu"

At all Funabashiya / Funabashiya Koyomi stores and online shops, "Christmas Fruit Anmitsu" will be on sale for a limited time from December 2nd to December 25th. The price is 600 yen (tax included).

Christmas fruit anmitsu

Star-shaped kuzumochi and tree-shaped matcha yokan are topped with the popular anmitsu ingredients. It has a bright and cute appearance. You can enjoy plenty of fruits such as strawberries, tangerines, and prunes in addition to glutinous fertilizer, agar that has been carefully boiled and hardened using Amakusa, red bean paste made by craftsmen, and red peas from Kamifurano, Hokkaido. ..

Funabashiya "Christmas Fruit Anmitsu"

A limited edition cup with an illustration of a reindeer. There is no doubt that Christmas will be lively at home with limited anmitsu that you can enjoy visually and tastefully. You can enjoy a special Japanese Christmas that makes you feel at ease.


A Kanto-style Kuzumochi restaurant that was founded in the Edo period in 1805 and celebrated its 216th anniversary in 2021. Funabashiya's Kuzumochi is steamed by lactic acid fermentation of wheat starch for 450 days, and is characterized by its unique texture and elasticity. From the desire to deliver natural products as they are, we continue to stick to natural manufacturing methods that do not use preservatives.