Famima "Eating Mas Mochi Cheeky 2 Bullets"
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The "EATING MASS MOCHI CHIKAWA 2" will be available at FamilyMart. The release date is May 16. The price is 358 yen (tax included). Available at the dessert corner. Each pack contains two pieces.



Mouth Mocchi Cheeky Kawas are back again in the form of the Cheeky Mocchi rice cakes! In addition, a Momonga makes its first appearance in the lineup. This set includes two sets of the expressive "Chiikaware" and "Hachiware," and two sets of "Usagi" and "Momonga. Each comes with six different expression designs (including one secret design).

Eating Mas Mocchi Cheeky 2

In addition, the "Hachiware" has two different head designs, making for a total of 72 combinations in one product. There are a total of 72 combinations of one product, and 36 combinations of a rabbit and a momonga. You can choose your favorite expression and enjoy it at the store.

Eating Mas Mocchi Cheeky 2

The flavors of each character are as follows

・ Hachiware (strawberry bean paste)
・ Rabbit (milk bean paste)
・ Momonga (peach bean paste)

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