Famima "Eating Mas Mochi Opanchu Sagi




Bandai Candy Division's "EATING MASS MOCHI OHANCHUSAGI" will be sold at FamilyMart (Famima). It will be available in the chilled sweets section. The release date is September 26. The price is 358 yen (tax included).

The "Obanchu


" is a character that is gaining popularity mainly on SNS. This is the first commercialization of the character in the Eating Mas series. The dedicated and healthy Obanchuusagi is recreated in the form of a round and fluffy rice cake and a paste, with an easy-to-eat sweet red bean paste inside the rice cake.

Famima "Eating Mas Mochi Opanchu Sagi

There are eight different expressions of the "Obanchu Rabbit" and four different expressions of the "Clothed Bear," Obanchu Rabbit's familiar face. Each of them has a lineup of adorable expressions that will make you chuckle. There are 32 combinations of expressions, and you will have to wait and see which combination of the "Oppanchusa Rabbit" and the "Clothed Bear" you can find at the store. You can recreate the story of "Oppanchusa Rabbit" and "Clothed Bear" on your plate.

Famima "Eating Mas Mochi Opanchu Sagi

The "Obanchusagi" is filled with strawberry milk bean paste, whose soft pink color is perfect for the character, and the "Koromo Guma" is filled with basic, easy-to-eat Koshi An (sweet red bean paste), which gives it a sweet and comforting taste.

What is

"Obanchusagi"? Obanchusagi is a creature that lives on the earth. It is not blessed very often. It looks like it is about to cry at any moment, but it lives on earnestly and healthily.