Morinaga Seika "Bovine richness [milk flavor]".

Morinaga Seika is introducing a new soft candy called "Bovine Kokoku [Milk Flavor]". It will be available at convenience stores and rail kiosks nationwide from October 18. Each package contains 30 grams and is priced at 140 yen (tax included).

Morinaga Seika: "Ox's richness [milk flavor]".

According to Morinaga Seika, the product was developed to help heal people living in a stressful society, amid the recent economic uncertainty, global epidemic of infectious diseases, and natural disasters that have caused so much stress in today's society. The confectionery is said to offer a relaxing and healing experience with its gentle sweetness of rich milk and mmmm texture.

This flavor is designed for the season when the weather gets colder and people miss the sweetness of milk. Features of "Bovine Kokoku [Milk Flavor]" product. The package design features a character named "Mugyu Jubei," which expresses a relaxing and healing feeling.