Nenrin-ke "A Bite of Mount Balm Caramel".

Nenrin-ke "Hit

okuchi Mount Balm


Nenrin-ke will sell "Hitokuchi Mount Balm Caramel" from April 13 (Thursday) until the end of May. Also on sale is the "Hitochi Mount Balm Assortment of New Green, 4 kinds, 10 pieces.

Hitokuchi Mount

Balm Car

amel is part of the "Hitokuchi Series" developed by Nenrinke, an authentic baumkuchen specialty store in Ginza. Hitokuchi Mount Balm firm buds" and "Hitokuchi Straight Balm soft buds", the brand's representative products cut into easy-to-eat sizes, have been very popular since their launch. This time, caramel is back for a limited time.

Nenrin-ke "A Bite of Mount Balm Caramel".

The rich buttery dough is baked with a golden balance of the richness of milky caramel and the bittersweet aroma of caramel. The aroma of the caramel that fills the air as soon as the bag is opened is irresistible.

Nenrin-ke "A Bite of Mount Balm Caramel".

The bite-size pieces make it a great snack for yourself or a small gift for a friend. The individually wrapped packages make it easy to eat a little at a time, whenever you like. The price is 280 yen per piece (tax included).


kinds of freshly baked baum, 10 pieces.

You can enjoy four kinds of


flavors: "Mount Balm Firmly Buds" with a mellow buttery flavor, "Mount Balm Matcha" with a mellow Uji green tea flavor, "Hitokuchi Mount Balm Caramel" with a rich aroma, and "Straight Balm Soft Buds" with a soft, egg-filled baked texture. The "Straight Balm Yaraka Mei" is baked softly and filled with eggs. The price is 2,646 yen.

Nenrin-ka "New Green Bite Balm Assortment, 4 kinds, 10 pieces".

Nenrin-ka (Ginza Main Store, Daimaru Tokyo Store, Seibu Ikebukuro Store, Sogo Yokohama Store, Hankyu Umeda Store, JR Tokyo Station HANAGATAYA Tokyo Store, JR Shinagawa Station Ecute Shinagawa Store, Haneda Airport Terminal Building 1 Store, Haneda Airport Terminal Building 2 Store)