KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (green tea sweets & coffee)

KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (Matcha Sweets & Coffee

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"KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (Matcha Sweets & Coffee)" will be available at KINOKUNIYA Official Online Store only from May 17. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included).

KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (


Sweets & Coffee) "KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (Matcha Sweets & Coffee)" is a sweets pouch with the KINOKUNIYA logo design, a green tea baumkuchen (1), a special matcha cookie (30g (1.06oz)), and KINOKUNIYA drip coffee "Mocha Blend" (8g (0.28oz) x 8g (0.28oz)). Mocha Blend (8g (0.28oz) x 2). The matcha-flavored baumkuchen and cookies, available only in the set, go well with the fruity aroma and mild acidity of the Mocha Blend.

The pouch is available in gray or beige. The pouch measures approximately 12 cm in length, 18.5 cm in width, and 4 cm in girth, and is made of polyester. It is recommended for both personal use and as a small gift.

KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (green tea sweets & coffee)
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KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch (green tea sweets & coffee)

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