MUJI "Baumkuchen

MUJI "Baumkuchen" World's Traditional Confectionery Series

MUJI "Baumkuchen" made using German production methods will be available at MUJI stores nationwide and online on Wednesday, March 8. The price is 250 yen (tax included).

The "uneven


series" sold by MUJI up until now has made the most of uneven baking, deformation, and other defects that would otherwise have been rejected regardless of their deliciousness. By offering a variety of varieties, the series provides customers with the pleasure of choosing the best one for them.

This time, "Baumkuchen" from the "World's Traditional Confectionery Series," which is made by utilizing traditional manufacturing methods and ingredients from around the world, is newly introduced. This product is made with ingredients that are carefully selected by learning from the authentic German recipe and manufacturing method. The product is simple yet full of flavor, and was developed so that people of all ages can enjoy it at any time of the day. The shape of the baumkuchen is a fan shape, which allows a good view of the cross section, a characteristic of baumkuchen.

The eggs are selected for their natural flavor and lack the distinctive egg smell, and fermented butter, which is the mainstream in Europe, is used for the butter to achieve a richer taste. Instead of using baking powder, the egg whites are used to make a meringue that puffs up, resulting in a fluffy texture.