Kanro "Puree Gumi Shunwari, green apple

Kanro Puree Gumi Shunwari, Green Apple

Kanro will release "Puree Gumi Shunwari, Green Apple" with refreshing green apple juice and soda flavor. It will go on sale on April 3. It has a content of 52 g and is priced at 149 yen (tax included).

Puree Gumi Shunwari, Green


"Puree Gumi Shunwari, Green Apple" is a sweet and refreshing flavor gummy that combines green apple and soda flavors. Up until now, the soda flavors of Pure Gummies released in spring and summer have been supported by the refreshing combination of soda and fruit, including the "Pure Gumi Pingres Sparkling" flavor released last April for spring only.

For the spring flavor of 2023, we have added a refreshing soda flavor to "Green Apple," the best-selling new flavor of all previous Puree Gummi flavors. The sweet and sour green apple flavor combined with the refreshing soda flavor creates a burst of spring-like flavor.

The new product will go on sale with a new package design that is in line with user trends, including a star-shaped gummy bear that is popular on social networking sites.