Chiikawa "Chiikawa Gummies with Die-cut Sticker 3
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Chii-Kawa Gummies with Die-Cut Stickers


Bandai Candy Division will sell Chii-Kawa Gummies with Die-Cut Stickers 3. The release date is October 30. The price is 173 yen (tax included).

Chii-Kawa Gummies with die-cut stickers 3

Gummi 3 with Chii-Kawa Die-Cut Stickers There are 19 types of stickers, including cute stickers of food x Chii-Kawas and stickers using illustrations taken from manga. Chiikawawa, Hachiware, and Usagi also include foil-stamped rare stickers. The gummy bears are a cute reproduction of Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi's whole body, and come in grape flavor.

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