Kanro "Puree gummy omamori ume


"Puree Gummi Omamori Ume"

will go on sale on December 12 (Mon.) from Kanro with an authentic plum flavor. The estimated price is 138 yen (including tax).


Gummi Omamori Ume

The red and white colored gummy grains are perfect for the upcoming season of entrance exams and New Year's. Each time you bite into a Puree Gummi Omamori Ume, you will be filled with sweet and tasty good luck. The sweet and fruity taste of plums spreads with each bite, and the familiar pleasant pulpy texture of pureed gummies can be enjoyed.

Kanro "Puree gummy omamori ume

There are also two secret molds, one in the shape of a plum blossom and the other in the shape of a rabbit, the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2023, so that you can try your luck. We recommend this product for when you want to take a break and refresh yourself, as a small gift for a loved one, or to make a wish for yourself.

Kanro "Puree gummy omamori ume

Five types of good-luck charm-like packages are available. The gold-colored plaid pattern creates a glamorous atmosphere, and the design is full of seasonal touches such as the subtle silhouette of a rabbit and the snow on the logo. The message "May your wishes come true. The design is accompanied by the message, "May your wishes come true.

Kanro "Puree gummy omamori ume

Each color is named after a good omen. The five colors are "Wakakusa-iro for early spring," "Wisteria-iro for waiting for sunrise," "Vermilion for fate," "Wakatake-iro for sparkling morning dew," and "Peach-iro for bringing a crush.

On the back of the package, an ema (votive tablet) is designed to encourage people to work hard, where they can write their wishes or messages of support to their loved ones. On the bottom of the package, various encouraging messages are hidden to support those who work hard.

The concept behind the new Pure Gummi Omamori Ume is "a piece that strengthens your heart. a video and a song to cheer up students preparing for entrance exams. The music was composed by Tota, a creator who is popular on SNS mainly among Generation Z. His life-sized views on love and play on words, which are typical of teenagers, have drawn sympathy, and "Spoogu Short Ver." posted in June 2021 has received a total of more than 2.7 million views in less than a year.

Video and music to support students preparing for the Kanro "Pure Gummi Omamori Ume" exam.

Tota-san created the song "Seikaisekai" to accompany students taking exams, and released a special acoustic Ver. for Puregumi Omamori Ume. You can enjoy the song that gently pushes the backs of students who are fighting against anxiety and impatience, and the video that expresses how Puregumi is an item that accompanies students' anxiety and strengthens their feelings.