CoCo Ichibanya (Coco Ichibanya) "Nanashi Curry
Japanese lemon squash

CoCo Ichibanya (Coco

Ichibanya) Nanashikarei A new menu item "Nanashikarei" with a large chunk of meat on top is now available from CoCo Ichibanya (Coco Ichibanya). A "New Menu Name Election" to determine the official name of the menu is being held on a special website.

The dish is made with hollowness meat chunks and shaliapin sauce!

Featuring holo holo meat chunks and shalia pin sauce. The largest pork shoulder in Coco Ich's history is vacuum-cooked to a tenderness that can be loosened with a spoon, and is used as a topping. It is then topped with a soy sauce-based sauce that has a strong garlic flavor and the sweetness of grated onion, making it a dish that is very satisfying.

CoCo Ichibanya (Coco Ichibanya) "Nanashi Curry

In addition to the standard size "LEVEL 1", there are "LEVEL 2" (1.5 times larger) and "LEVEL 3" (twice larger) pork shoulder loin. Prices are as follows for 300g (10.58oz) of rice and normal spiciness. All prices include tax.

CoCo Ichibanya (Coco Ichibanya) "Nanashi Curry

Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka
・ Meat LEVEL 1: 1,501 yen
・ Meat LEVEL 2: 1,951 yen
・ Meat LEVEL 3: 2,371 yen
Other regions
・ Meat LEVEL 1: 1,480 yen
・ Meat LEVEL 2: 1,930 yen
・ Meat LEVEL 3: 2,350 yen

Launch date is April 6, 2023. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out after April 18, 2023.

New Menu Name General


A "New Menu Name General Election" campaign to determine the official menu name of Nanashi Curry is currently being held on a special website.

Voters can choose one of the following names from a list of six options: "Nikui Curry," "Meat's Rock Curry," "Luxurious Meat Curry with Shariapin Sauce," "Curry Meat," "Hollow Meat Curry," and "Coco-Only Pork Curry. The progress of the voting process will be announced on the special site as needed.

One hundred people will be selected by lottery to win a 1,000-yen Curry House CoCo Ichibanya meal coupon. The voting period is from April 1 to 16, 2023. The results will be announced on April 18. Winners of the meal coupons will be notified by e-mail in late April or early May.

Coco Ich "General Election for New Menu Name"
General Election for New Menu Name