Lloyds UK Fair

Lloyds British Fair

"British Fair" is being held at Lloyds mail order and Lloyds directly-managed stores from March 15. The fair will offer a limited number of sweets made with Lloyd's recipes and arranged with flavors and traditional confections popular in the U.K.

Crumble Cake [Rhubarb & Strawberry]

Baked dough filled with rhubarb and strawberry jam and walnuts is topped with hazelnut-flavored crumble cookies coated with white chocolate. The moist dough with a refreshing sour taste and the crunchy texture of the walnuts and crumble combine to create a cake that harmonizes a variety of flavors. Priced at 1,242 yen (tax included).

Lloyds "Crumble Cake [Rhubarb & Strawberry]".

Lloyds Chocolate T

iffin A Lloyds recipe for "Chocolate Tiffin," a popular British pastry. The crumble is made by mixing flour, butter, sugar, and other ingredients and freeze-dried strawberries into a smooth chocolate mixture, which is then coated with "sweet" and "milk" chocolate to finish. 2 types, 4 pieces in total, priced at 1,458 yen.

Lloyds Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate Board [Toffee & Almond]

Toffee, a traditional English candy with a crunchy texture, and crushed almonds are scattered over the chocolate. The combination of sweet and slightly salty toffee with a hint of boiled butter, almonds, and chocolate is an unforgettable taste. Contents 117g (4.13oz), price 621 yen.

Lloyds "Chocolate Board [Toffee & Almond]".

Chocolate Shortbread

: An adaptation of the traditional Scottish baked shortbread. The crispy, buttery dough is coated with a refreshingly sweet chocolate coating. Contents: 8 pieces, priced at 891 yen.

Lloyds "Chocolate Shortbread

Lloyd's Earl Chocolat [Milk Tea]

These bite-sized chocolates express the flavors of cinnamon and ginger milk tea. The milk tea cream is made from Assam tea, which has a rich flavor and mellow aroma and is ideal for milk tea. Contents: 2 kinds / 10 pieces in total, priced at 648 yen.

Lloyds Earl Chocolat [milk tea]

Cheese & Chocolate Brownie

: Aromatic cacao dough flavored with gin and topped with walnuts, cheese chocolate, cream cheese and other ingredients. The aroma of gin, the moderate acidity of cheese, and the savory flavor of walnuts go perfectly with the richness of chocolate. Contents: 3 pieces, priced at 891 yen.

Lloyds "Cheese & Chocolate Brownie


Grey Biscuit

: Earl Grey tea leaves are kneaded into the dough and baked to a crispy texture. It is recommended to enjoy them as they are, or soak them in tea or milk to moisten them. Contents: 15 pieces, priced at 972 yen.

Lloyds "Earl Grey Biscuit

Praline Chocolat [Violet & Gin]

A box of chocolates that combine chocolates with a violet-flavored ganache, which is popular in the U.K., and chocolates inspired by the Gin Buck, a cocktail made with gin, the national drink of the U.K. The box contains two types of chocolates, 12 pieces in total. The box contains two kinds of chocolates, 12 pieces in total, priced at 1,188 yen.

Lloyds "Praline Chocolat [Violet & Gin]".

Tea and Fruit P

ound Cake A pound cake baked with lemon and black tea flavored dough, tea-scented raisins, cranberries, papaya, and pineapple. The cake has a refreshing sweet and sour aroma from the many fruits and elderflower syrup soaked into the cake at the end. The price is 1,080 yen.

Lloyds "Tea and Fruit Pound Cake

Tea and Apple Petit Cake

A cake baked with apple jam and Earl Grey tea leaves in the batter and apples soaked in a syrup made with Western liquor. The moist texture is also appealing. Contents: 5 pieces, priced at 1,215 yen.

Lloyds "Tea and Apple Petit Cake

Chocolate Wafer [Black Tea Cream]

Four layers of crispy wafers sandwich a richly flavored black tea cream. It is covered with mild milk chocolate. The sweetness and richness of the chocolate melds with the gorgeous aroma of black tea. The product contains 12 pieces and is priced at 891 yen.

Lloyds "Chocolate Wafer [Black Tea Cream]".

Orders through the Lloyds mail order service are accepted from March 15, 2023 to May 29, 2023 (requested delivery dates: March 18, 2023 to June 1, 2023). Sales will end as soon as the products are gone, even during the order period.

Available at Lloyd's directly-managed stores on March 15, 2023. Sales will end as soon as all products are sold out at each store.